Sani Michael Omakoji, In A Brief Reaction To Faleke And Prof Seidu Endorsement Of BelloOnoja For Kogi Nov16 Gubernatorial Election.

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It is no longer news that Kogi Gubernatorial election scheduled for November 16 is around the corner.

There is a lot of alignment and re-alignment going on here and there either on the side of PDP or APC.

The recent one is that of Hon Faleke and Prof Seidu aligning with BelloOnohah ‘s reelection and this move has generated a lot of reactions.

However, in this particular write-up, Our Super Columnist, Sani Michael Omakoji reacts this way; let us read him.

“while Politics is defined by Igala ethnic group as “a game of mental wisdom” (UJA IBEH) is because is a game that involves mental moves, mental calculation, and deceptive body gesticulation.

Looking at the above implication, it is not out of place that politics are played with peoples of mental prowess who can wittily represent white as black or who can intelligently present dead being as living object.

In a nutshell politics is not for Nonentities neither is it for Thugs as we are seeing in Kogi State today, particularly in Kogi East where we have first class illiterates dictating for professors or Literate ones on what to do when it comes to politics.

Having digressed to give a background of this reaction as it concerns Faleke and Prof Seidu aligning with BelloOnojah’s reelection; let me say that Faleke who was denied Governor’s seat after Audu’s death is still the same Faleke today and Prof Seidu who was denied not to contest along Bello at the APC’s Primaries is still the same Prof Seidu today.

Meanwhile, ( Ówó Ejo Kpai Éréñ Ché fu Édé).

More also, let us not forget that Faleke and Prof Seidu are both APC’s members even though they don’t enjoy the same privileges and rights as Governor Yahaya Bello and Edward Onojah.

To me therefore, it is ignorance for some political pundits to insult these duo as politics is still “UJA IBEH”

Most shameful is on social media where those calling Faleke and Prof Seidu names some times in the past now celebrating their alignment with BelloOnojah as if the duo are both virgin Politicians or renowned members of the opposition who just decamped.

Recall that in 2015, there were ‘alignments and realignments’ for the reelection of Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan mostly from the Northern part of the country, but at the end of the day, was he not betrayed?

Let me equally state this here that ‘it is unethical to go to a war battle with all your secrets exposed to your dubious opponent knowing fully well that your opponent is cunny and deceptive.

Beside, have you ever thought If Faleke and Prof Seidu, have just used Bello and Edward of APC to feel they are still “Loyal party men?”.

As a matter of reality, let them both go and campaign for Bello in Okun land and Kogi East if they would remain the same politically.

Finally, our hands must not explain everything we foresaw politically on this platform and is my humble opinion on this issue which might not necessarily represent how others feel.”

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Sani Michael Omakoji

Social Commentator

Abuja – Nigeria.

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