Politics Of International Conspiracy Via Killer Diseases By, SMO

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Sani Michael Omakoji ( SMO ), The Writer Of This Article: Politics Of International Conspiracy

There have been arguments on how the whites have adopted the politics of International conspiracy to under develop Africa and other struggling continents.

Some have postulated that the western world inordinately use African leaders to achieve their evil aim while others are of the thought that the western world use or inject killer diseases into Africa via space which is either intended to depopulate Africans or make Investors run away thereby resulting into: hunger, poverty, crime and unemployment.

It is against this background, ourworldgist seeked the opinion of our reliable writer, Sani Michael Omakoji (SMO) to bear his mind on this issue of public interest.

In what Sani Michael Omakoji titles as “Politics Of International Conspiracy Via Killer Diseases”, he bears his mind below:

“Politics of International conspiracy is simply described as the negative arrangement among European Nations in making sure that developing Nations remain poor and unproductive.

Politics of international conspiracy is achieved through war, political unrest, encouraging capital flight, encouraging brain drain, depriving of technical know how, ‘artificial creation of epidemics’ ( like viruses such as HIV AIDs, Ebola, Birdflu, Lassa Fever, Coronavirus and such other related diseases).

Doctors On Duty Doing Their Best To Rescue Coronavirus Patients

Politics of international conspiracy has been used against African and Asian continents in the past and is still being used against them today.

This politics is practiced by Developed Nations of the world.

Despite this conspiracy, some Nations benefit more from this organized crime more than the others thus, reason why Great Britain is not comfortable with European Union’s (EU) hence, a need for BREXIT.

Maybe, some days we shall also have AFRIEXIT and ASIAEXIT which would signal the ideology of self independent or total sovereignty.

Having established this backgrounder, let me start with this puzzle that, ‘do you know that after USA stopped buying Nigerian crude oil, China stepped in for Nigeria as the greatest Nigeria trading Partner?

The synergy between Nigeria and China would have in no distance time posed a serious setback to American Economy as Dollar is set to loss its value most especially that China would gladly transact with Nigeria and the rest of African countries with African currency ( single currency) soon to be launched.

As a ‘Business – Economist’, the implication of African Single currency to American Economy is that, the demand for Dollar and Pound Sterling would drop drastically as African largest trading partner, China is ready in advance to accept African Single Currency thereby making Dollar & pound sterling redundant.

Having envisaged this danger, will American invisible Intellectuals who have monopolised the airwave allow this to happen?

No! They quickly injected one deadly disease now trending as “Coronavirus” to demarket China Economy and cause disaffection among its trading partners.

Today, both importers and exporters are now avoiding China Republic because of deadly Coronavirus which has its origin from China.

How do American achieve this? Well, American is no longer new to negative and positive witch crafting which in both coins always intended to the betterment of American Economy.

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Without superstition believe, let me state here that American have used their witch crafting ( ICT) to monopolize the airwaves thereby making it possible for them to infuse or inject any deadly artificial disease into targeted area of their choice in which unfortunately, Africa is the most receiving end though, this time around China ( Note China is recognized as the fastest growing Economy since 2012).

Do you think American will allow China or any other Nation to overtake them ?

In case you don’t know, early 80’s when Nigeria was having oil boom leading to Economic prosperity that brought about the establishment of Ajaokuta Steel Company, America invisible Intellectuals quickly introduced HIV to African continent which led to elopement of many investors and till today those investors are yet to come back coupled with the fact that our Leaders even lack political will to do the right thing.

For posterity sake and for the purpose of objectivity, I must mention that the idea of governance by the then military government that overthrown the government of late Alhaji Shehu Shagari / Late Alex Ekweme contributed largely to the downfall of Ajaokuta Steel Complex till today.

For more flash back, do you remember when and how deadly Ebola, Birdflu, Lassa Fever and other dangerous diseases came to Africa?

Well, let me shock you that those diseases surfaced in Africa as at the time African Countries except Somalia were declared the next business destination.

Let me also say that the infusion of the mentioned diseases above is part of politics of International conspiracy intelligently designed by western world.

These people are so intelligent that they introduce these diseases via our common animals around us.

Of course, America being an Imperialist or Capitalist Nation would not allow any breakthrough for Africa as they take pleasure in Africans adversaries.

As if that is not even enough, this is a country that connive with other western Nations to rob Africa via money laundering or capital flight but when it comes to repartition time they will deliberately bring stringent conditions that make it almost impossible to repatriate.

They keep this money revolving in western Economies to better their lots.

Most satanic of their act is the fact that, they bring peanut of this stolen money to Nigeria and the rest of Africa as loan or grant.

This is where I pity Africa and Africans as, African Leaders are not even doing any thing positive to end this evil soon.

Some of our Leaders in Africa are mentally starved that they cannot discover this and even though they are advised to do the right thing, they are afraid to act well because that would affect their medical tourism and flamboyant holidays in sojourn land.

Recently, in the cause of studying International Business, I came across the lists of Past & Present World Bank Presidents and I discovered that it has been Western Fellows all along.

Even when the Former Minister of Economy of Nigeria, Ngogi Nkonjo Iweala came best to occupy the seat in 2012, she was never given opportunity because her policies when given opportunity would definitely favour black race.

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In addition, these same Whites that claim they like black race make arms and ammunitions for Africans to kill themselves.

The above statement will make to continue to adore great writer, Walter Rodney who exposed how Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Respect Sir!

Again, White People know if Ajaokuta Steel Complex is working, about half of African population can survive on it thus, they make sure is not working through politics of international conspiracy.

These they do by quoting unrealistic outrageous amount needed to revive the complex and sometimes, make our leaders to feel that the project has no economic value to invest such huge amount of money into.

Ignorantly, our Leaders lack political will and vision to think out of the box.

We have witnessed in the past and now that fortunate Leaders from the North or South- West, who have dominated our public office will abandon a particular project because is not located around their regions ( Ajaokuta Steel Complex)…. that is ignorance and thought of politics of International conspiracy working against the wish of majority of Nigerians.

You are right if you exclaim, “what an ignoramus!”

These fortunate leaders have failed to envisage the positive multiplier effect of what this project like that of Ajaokuta would bring to Nigeria and the rest of Africa as a whole.

Perhaps, this gross nepotism that has permeated into our collective interest has recently made many intellectuals cut across the six geo-political regions in Nigeria to call for restructuring.

As I, the Author of this article, Sani Michael Omakoji (SMO) did the studies of Nations recently, I discovered that there is no country out of 180 countries I sampled across the seven continents of the world that is running this kind of primitive system of government we are running today.

With outmost conviction, I came to conclusion after my studies that Nigeria system needs to be unbundled in order to pave wave for development.

In essence, some of these issues like quota system, catchment areas, state of Origin and such other related terms should give way if actually the slogan “One Nigeria” is to make sense.

Again, the issue of “resource control” should be adopted to redefine issues in Exclusive list, Concurrent list and Residual list.

Well, this side attraction on ” resource control” that crept in on the issue of “politics of International conspiracy” should be another topic for another day but by and large, it has contributed to the flourishing of the topic under review.

Though, I have lamented how African leaders have aided the politics of international conspiracy but it will be injustice on my part not to say rest in peace to the lights of Ghadafi of Libya, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Sani Abacha of Nigeria and lately, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe whose notwithstanding their shortcomings but understood this politics of international conspiracy and fought with their last breath until their demise.

Oh how I wish Africa can wake from their slumbers very soon to encourage local contents geared towards an end to this evil conspiracy?

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As I conclude, let me put these two puzzles across:

1. For those of you aspiring for one position or the other, what legacy do you want to be remembered for; looting hallmark or the problems you left behind ?

2. How do you intend to fight the problem of politics of international conspiracy if you are given opportunity to hold public office tomorrow?”

We have had enough time to develop but let me say that there is still hope for Africa and Africans in time to come.

Sani Michael omakoji
Public Affairs Commentator
On Both Local and International Issues
Writes From The Nation Capital
Abuja Nigeria.

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