Opinion: Nigerians React To Imam Of Peace After Mocking PMB

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Cross section of Nigerians are currently reacting on twitter following Imam of Peace’s comment as he alleged President Muhammadu Buhari ( PMB ) does not even know the name of the virus killing his own people.

Imam of peace’s comment was however informed by President Muhammadu Buhari inability to pronounce the word “covid-19” as he instead pronounced “covik- one, nine”.

Meanwhile, Imam of Peace’s comment has generated a lot of reactions among Nigerians.

Let us read few of them as culled from twitter:

To, @Tife_fabunmiOne idiot will still use this Imam of peace to create parody account for giveaways. Just watch… Another Stupid Nigerian
Islamists in Nigeria are destroying Christian communities. Weak leadership of Buhari. Failed President. No realistic agenda to tackle Jihadists. All talk. #PresidentCovik #Imam”
To OluniyiGatesGarba Shehu writing the names of everybody DSS will carry when Kyari come back. 1. People RTing Imam of Peace 2. People liking Imam of Peace. 3. People reading tweets from Imam of Peace. 4. People following Imam of Peace 5. People living close to people follown Imam of Peace”
AsiwajuLerry says, “Not that we are pleased with the way Imam of Peace is dragging #PresidentCovik, but someone needed to do it. But There‚Äôs no Nigerian that can do this without a threat to their wellbeing or their families. So let imam serve as the voice for the voiceles”.
To Lowkey, Imam of Peace just said what most of our top religious leaders are saying.
Imam Of Peace Drags Buhari Over His Incompetence, Calls Him ‘Dumbest Person In Nigeria”.

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