After 27Th Years Of Personal Adventure At The Bar: Jibrin Sam Okutepa ( SAN ), Eulogies His Creator As He Says, “Only Him Can Do What No Man Can Do”

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1st April, 1993, Young Jibrin Sam Okutepa embarked on legal adventure to set up his personal Law Firm, christened “Grace Of God Chambers”.

Having reviewed the journey thus far, Jibrin Sam Okutepa, on this day being 1st April, 2020 reminiscences his adventure in legal palace this way:
” Great is the lord and greatly to be praised. God has done me well. On this day, 27 years ago, that is the 1st day of April 1993, I set up the law firm of Agamah, Okutepa and Co, which later became J.S.Okutepa and Co and now J.S. Okutepa SAN and Co. The law firm was christened Grace of God Chambers.

Yes “Grace of God Chambers”, because I got my then office at No 51 Railway Bye Pass High Level Makurdi Benue State by the grace of God.

When I set out to start my legal practice on my own after serving two principals Mrs F.M.E. Nezan and E.A. Haruna Esq, I did not have money to rent an office apartment. Yes I did not!

I had nothing on me both at home and in the bank. I only had my determination to start legal practice on my own.

God then used senior Iorwase Ahile Esq to direct me to Ibrahim Atadoga Shaibu Esq, as he then was, now Hon Mr Justice Ibrahim Atadoga Shaibu President Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal, who gave me his office one year rent free.

As I reminiscent on the journey over these 27 years what I see is grace and hands of God. No man can prevail by strength. I could not have succeeded by my strength.

The lord kept me and has been directing my steps. Even in the unknown steps I took the lord was ahead to direct.

How and why I got to where I am today can only be explained and understood by God himself who made it possible.

For these past 27 years God has shown himself as my only protector and shield.

Only Him can do what no man can do. 27 years of glorious grace of God.

What can I say? Just to say thank you lord. When I recall the rough roads I went through to where I am today, it can only be God.

No man can do what only God can do. God has the map of my destiny in his hands. Thank you lord Jesus!

I deeply appreciate what you have done for me and what you are yet to do.

Join me celebrate the Lord God Almighty who has done me good for these 27 years of consistent and unbroken legal practice on my own.”

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