Cluster Of Youths, Associations, Market Women, Pressure Groups & Elders All Hail Comrade Austin Usman Okai’s Philanthropic Gesture As He Distributes 2000 Hand Sanitizers To Combat COVID-19

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Without political undertone,poised for selfless and social emancipation,the people’s Comrade and social critic has proved his mettle of matching words with action devoid of empirical test or examination,but practical experience of all stakeholders and Community leaders in Dekina local government area,geared towards personal and self hygiene to contain the newly discovered COVID-19 ravaging many countries,and gradually getting into Nigeria.

For the Comrade entity,his ideals and ideas to genuinely join the league of people distributing safety items had surpassed mere lip service of some political appointees both at the state and federal level, propaganda of the state government rather matching words with actions, as well media hype of the inactions towards controlling the spread of pandemic disease.

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This happened amidst efforts to frustrate his laudable gesture by some disgruntled elements in the services of Kogi state government and a media gate crasher,whose only survival is on the premise of blackmail of people with good intentions both at the state and federal level.

Okai after a high level conspiracy with the police authorities in Intelligence Response Team(IRT),created to gather intelligence on criminal elements in the society, but succumb to political manouvre of some top Kogi political officers as a willing tool,using the media contractor who is not known for anything good either for his immediate communities or the entire state.

Bent on given to the society out of his widows mite,Comrade Austin Okai with a determine stare of mind,move ahead to his local government to carry out a one day of sensitisation ,awareness,distribution of safety materials and hygiene orientation by donation of Hand sanitizers,face mask,gloves and other items that attracted the excitement of all pressure groups, who trooped out enmasse to thump up for the people’s Comrade,social critic,media blogger and social crusader with all pleasure.

A preacher of good governance and egalitarian society,the people’s Comrade had stood tall for so many years against misgovernance at the Local, State and Federal level, particularly in the last five years in Kogi state, were the lofty ideals of democratic governance had being construed into self advancement,self developement,self aggrandizement,and naked greed to the disadvantage of the majority in the society.

The decadence in governance had so degenerated to a very critical level were social,infrastructural and developmental programs of goverrment is now seen as a great favour to communities,it’s people and by extension the entire society.

The worst is being witnessed in Kogi state as there is no concerted efforts by the people saddled with leadership position to take full charge to prevent and protect the dangerous health implications of the ravaging pandemic of COVID-19,except mere lip services that cannot yield any positive results.

It behoves on Comrade Okai to the excitement of the generalty of the people of both his immediate and extended environment to lead and advocate by examples,as thousands of people both old and young as well as the middle age troop out enmasse in various places to embrace the laudable efforts and good gesture of the social advocate to throw in the towel, by embarking on mass distribution of safety and preventive items to mitigate the unattended people of his immediate Community and by extension his local government area of Dekina.

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It is no longer news,since the goverrment announced the official entry of the pandemic into the Nigeria ,no meaningful efforts is made by the people from Kogi east to check the fast growing scourge from affecting the people of the area,either through awareness, advocacy, provision of needed items to prevent or serve as precautionary measure so as not to affect the large populated area of the state,compared to other parts of the state both in the Central and Western Senatorial districts.

Setting the pace by Comrade Austin Okai was not only beneficial to the people and endeared him to the minds of the majority in the community,but challenged all well meaning individuals,groups, corporate,political office holders,elected representatives and politicians as well as multinationals into taking quee from the lofty disposition of these items.

With a sigh of relief and gratitude,many of the people and communities criss crossed during the distribution of the safety items expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to the people’s Comrade for his self styled and popular idea to inculcate the entire fabrics of the society into his ardent position to better the lots of all and sundry.

Looking fulfilled and gratitude to almighty God,Comrade Austin Okai thanked the people for standing by him all through his trials as well as castigation by people saddled with leadership over his unrepentant position for good governance,assure them that he will continue to lead the vanguard to ensure equal and social justice particularly in the adminstration of people by goverrment at all levels.

Few out of numerous appreciations on Comrade Austin Usman Okai’s Facebook timeline:



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