Opinion: An Optimistic View Of The Landmark Judgement Over The Ownership Of Ajaokuta, Lokoja And Koton Karfe By Alfred Okeme

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The landmark judgement that led Igala’s Kingdom reclaiming Ajaokuta, Koton Karfe and Lokoja as part of its kingdom has continued to generate reactions.

The latest is the one credited to one of Kogi finest thinker who goes by the name, Alfred Okeme.

In what he titles: “An Optimistic View Of The Landmark Judgement Over The Ownership Of Ajaokuta, Lokoja And Koton Karfe, Alfred Okeme has this to say:

” I am not particularly interested in the policization of the outcome of the court judgement regarding subject matter.

Rather than divide us I see the ruling as a confirmation of fact that we, the Igalas, Egbura Koto and Igbira Okene are actually brothers.

And as brothers, our forebears loved each other so much that their properties we used on a need to use basis regardless of who in particular owned what.

I shall do a little illustration here to buttress this point.

The room in which I was born into in ALU Oko Egbe, Egume, in the compound of late Okeme Aruwa, my paternal grandfather, was occupied by my father, Alexandar Okeme between 1955-198.

During that period, it was known as Alexander’s room.

The same room was used by Brother Paul Omede, my first cousin, whose father was the eldest son of Okeme Aruwa between 1981-1991 where in he gained employment into the civil service.

During that period, the same room was known as Paul’s room,
at another time, the same room was occupied by Michael Okeme, another first cousin.

I had occasion to use the room between 2007-2009.

Currently, the room is being used by Felix Maji Okeme, the son of late Maji Okeme, a much younger cousin.

What is my point here?
All the occupants of this room have been kith and kin of the Okeme bloodline.

Each of above listed people have claims to having occupied that room at one time or the other on a need to use basis.

If you dare to look beyond politics you will see that all the parties laying claims to the lands in contention are brothers, whose forebears live in love and peace, making available their farmlands, fishing and hunting grounds and using properties in common for generations before the advent of politics.

If we are wise, we should be trying to see the historical facts presented in this case as a proof of our fraternity, rather than as a reason for disintegration.

May God bless Kogi State.

Alfred Okeme
Kogi Cluster Farmers Development Union Ltd

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