Rejoinder: Igala Youth Leaders Assembly ( IYLA ) Educates Egbira Youth Council Over Frivolous Grandstanding On Land Reclamation Judgement That Returned Ajaokuta, Lokoja & Koton Karfe To Igala’s Kingdom

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Our attention has been drawn to the comical poesy by Egbira Youth Congress who out of shared of ignorance and odious misgivings have dabbled into a matter that had already been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction.

We are not surprised over their infantile renditions as the he-goats who enjoys sleeping with his mother will not have respect for those of others.

The aforesaid comical strophe at best could be a rhythm from a barking dog. Interestingly, we will not take away the right of a dog to bark, but one thing we will certainly not condone is the filthy teeth of the dog to penetrate our flesh.

Whilst all the socio-cultural groups in Ebira land are free to throw tantrums as they wail about, their sense of judgment if any should better be on overdrive to realize that there is an extent to which the inferno can go when it approaches the sea.

The Ownership of Ajaokuta, Lokaja and Kotonkarfe were never in contention for any reason whatsoever.

The treaty with Queen Victoria in 1841 by Attah of the Igala country had no objection from any known king or authority as Attah was in total control of the said lands.

The deed of cession said it all as the land was leased for 99 years only.

Egbira was a Stateless community prior to 1902 when Attah crowned Omadivi the first Attah of Egbira land.

Where were the Egbiras at that point of history or were they sleeping or are too lazy to fend for themselves?

We found the Press statements by the Youth group vexatious with inciting tendencies to brew ethnic crisis in the state.

The mushroom analysis by Egbira Youth Congress if anything is tending to make Ajaokuta, Lokoja and environs a cosmopolitan City for all the original traditional cultures, but failing to note the Aborigines before the incursions of other ethnic nationalities in the course of flights from wars.

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The matter is not settlement interests but ownership and traditional jurisdiction, the subject matter.

The Egbiras and others should show us their historical documentation justifying their ownership and possession before the Niger expedition.

The truth remains that Lokoja and the entire Niger coastlands in question was never a bona vacantia prior to the treaties and Deed of cesession.

“A society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools”

The above quotation describes the Egbira society today where its scholars were being separated from its warriors even as her thinking is done by cowards with the execution of its fighting by fools.

It’s evident from the below excerpts that only fools will fight a lost battle considering the stack idiosyncrasies and delusional facades being displayed by the uncouth and untutored youths of Egbiraland.

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_”Let our Igala neighbours be told that Ebiraland was never a conquered land and cannot be available now through judicial conquest or any other unholy manipulations.

Whoever thinks that the youths of Ebiraland will stand aloof and watch this broad daylight robbery unchallenged must be living in a fool’s paradise- such a person or persons are free to remain asleep.

It will do them (the Igalas) good to know how the Ebiras and Ebira Kotos left Idah to their present abode.

If they do, it will be clear to them that Aajokuta was never part of their kingdom.

This insane territorial claim has no place in modern day national and international boundary management and administration.

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The Igalas must be told in an unambiguous terms!
As the chairman of the Kogi State Traditional Council, the Atta Igala occupies a fatherhood position to the entire state and ought not to have been seen chasing and championing a divisive agenda; an agenda that is antithetical to the unity efforts of Governor Yahaya Bello.

The Ebira Youth Congress will like to place on record the maturity, so far, displayed by His Royal Majesty, Alh. (Dr.) Ado Ibrahim, the Ohinoyi Ebira in this sensitive matter.

He has been able to calm nerves and thread the part of peace and civility. And he himself has remained calm and calculative even in the face of this unwarranted provocation.

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That is leadership, and we are proud of this Royal father!
We are forced to ask: where lies the Atta’s moral standing to continue to preside over the Kogi State Traditional Council?

Against this background, we call on the appropriate quarters to, in the interest of peace and togetherness, immediately institutionalize a rotational template for the chairmanship position of the Council.

We must understand that, in the distribution of both material and human resources in Kogi State, there are enough for every tribe’s needs and not enough for the Igala’s greed”_

Like we said earlier, a he-goat that had had a carnal knowledge of its mother will not hesitate to flaunt its apical ligament before others.

This misguided youths should have asked their leaders about their true identity and origin before going to display their stack ignorance with all the frivolous tantrums on public domain.

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We are not bothered by the inordinate avalanche and inconsequential press release by the Egbira Youth Congress to distort history with their concocted lies to curry unnecessary supports from the public as the federal high court judgment on this matter is epochal and on this we stand.

However, we want to let the world know that we are aware of the hidden agenda behind the unsolicited press conference as this people were not party to the case.

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The matter was between Attah Igala with the Attorney general of the federation and one other as the Ohinoyi was not party to it.

Crying more than the bereaved in this matter therefore is suspicious, counter productive and highly vexatious.

Its a known fact that no masquerade dances in the market square without a drummer behind it therefore,we call on the commissioner of police Kogi state command, to quickly check mate the activities of Egbira Youth Congress and their sponsors as we will not tolerate any breach of law and order in the state.

We are aware of the planned protest across Kogi Central and Lokoja by next week that is targeted at causing mayhem to Igala people in these locations.

We are also aware that this planned protest have the backing of the Ohinoyi of Egbira land and the governor of Kogi state who’s their brother.

We want to state unequivocally that if the government fails to provide security for our people, we will not hesitate to do so as we are capable to defend
our land and her people.

Let it be known to Egbira Youth Congress and others that no man has the monopoly of violence.

We are peace loving people and would welcome our brothers in the state at anytime; if they come with PEACE we will give them peace but if otherwise, we shall take them on according to the measure of their aggression.

This matter is a legal one and anyone who is not happy about it should go to court and not going to the public space to threaten our people.

Be it known that the fowl that lays egg in their empty stomachs hatched same in our productive stomachs; we are no barren land.

In conclusion, we want our people to live their normal lives as they continue to go about their businesses anywhere in the country without fear of molestation from any quarters.

Egbira Youth Congress should be concerned about issues that bothers on peace, unity and healthy coexistence amongst our people and not to constitute self as mischief makers in the state.

They that beat the drum of war should prepare their own graveyards hence, the vulture will feed on their carcasses.

Thank you all.

RT. Hon Ojoachele Akor Felix
Speaker Igala Youth Leaders Assembly (IYLA)

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