Rejoinder: You Are A Cyber Rodent Working For WhiteLion Not Ibro, Sani Michael Omakoji Replies One Issa Itopa Lucky

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Ordinarily, I shouldn’t have descended so low to respond to a ‘Textual Puppet ‘ who is hiding under the court case between Abu Ibro and Engr Musa Wada to indirectly promote his ‘nepostical agenda’ but for the purpose of posterity and those who are not aware of his antics, let me, Sani Michael Omakoji respond to Issa Itopa Lucky accordingly.

Before I proceed however, let me use this medium to congratulate my brother, Issa Itopa Lucky on these two outstanding issues:

1. On the emergence of _”Okene” as the main warehouse of “Illicit Drugs”_ in Kogi State according to NDLEA Boss as reported on 24th June, 2020 on

I hope even without him joining the consumers of these illicit drugs, he must have had a ‘nuclear share’ of it as he walks around the environment inhaling _’the polluted air’_ without noticing it as his body chemistry is already conditioned to such indirect drugging… “Ada yee Yañ Kóró jare!”

2. I equally wish to congratulate him on the successful launching of the ” tatatata, them go hear am music” Part2 which was recently launched by one of his kinsmen following the Federal High Court Judgement sitting in Lokoja that returned Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Koton Karfe (all LGAs) back to Igala’s kingdom.

Of course, the first edition of the said music came out on the next morning of Kogi 2019 Gubernatorial election where helicopters, gun shoots, political gangsterism, and all forms of electoral violence were used to produce the “temporary winner”.

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Having acknowledged the above milestones, let me in earnest start by stating that, beyond the face off that took Abu Ibro and Engr Musa Wada to court, it is crucial to point out that a lot of ‘Itopas’ type from ‘White Lion’ senatorial district took advantage of the case to instigate Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and his son, Abu Ibro to pursue the case to the logical end knowing fully well, that when Engr Musa Wada is eventually disqualified, their “White Lion” which many of them adore at kinsmen meeting but deceptively criticized in the day time would have become unopposed candidate going into the said election.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Ibro and his son, “Abu Ibro” yielded to their plot, as fate will have it, in a five man panel led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammed had on 26th June 2020 declared Engr Musa Wada as the authentic winner of the Peoples Democratic Party Primary.

As I noted in my article on this matter titled “Opinion: Ibro’s Belief Of ‘Dynasticism’ Ends His Political Career On A Sad Note”, Alhaji Ibro’s house in Abuja at a point became Mecca as many high profiled party men and women like: Distinguished Senator Bukola Saraki, ( Senate President then), Senator Ike Ekweremadu ( Deputy Senate President then ), Hon. Yakubu Dogara ( Speaker of the House then ), Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi west at a point, Capt Joe Agada ( Unrepentant Believer of PDP’s Agenda), Late PDP’s women Leader, Mrs Salome Acheju Abu among others trooped in to beg Ibro and his son but they both refused to honour those men and women of calibres to let the issue go.

Like I noted also in the said article, at a point, Capt Joe Agada became so frustrated after many months of begging the duo: Alhaji Ibro and Abu Ibro without result and he said, ” we are tired of begging Alhaji Ibro every now and then”.

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The implication of the above statement is that, before the stakeholders of the party summoned courage to confront this disturbing attitude of Alhaji Ibro, ‘Alhaji Ibrahim Idris had enjoyed needless begging from party’s men and women as he sees himself as the godfather of the party and that whether the stakeholders of the party like it or not, his will must always prevail!

To some of us who studies “Nations Of The World” with keen interest to compare and contrast especially in the sectors of Economy and Politics, we see that act of Ibro as uncalled for and should be discouraged by any right thinking individual.

It is on this premise that some of us rise to join other well meaning Nigerians that having endured to see Ibro and son pursued this case to supreme court, he (Ibro) has of course lost his political relevance in Kogi State and beyond.

In fact, in the words of Capt Joe Agada immediately after the supreme Court ruling, he said and I quote, ” with the turn out of event, never again, will Alhaji Ibrahim Idris be relevant in political game in Kogi State”; he added that “Ibro does not have a say any longer who should be councillor in Ichéké ward where he comes from thus, the turn out of event has exposed Ibro that aside his unforgiving spirit, he is also self centred and greedy”.

Having highlighted the issues that brought about the matter arising, let me now respond to one ‘Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky’ according to the measures of his content & context which took advantage of Ibro’s ” mindset ” to promote ‘nepostical solidarity’.

1. That the name “Sani Michael Omakoji” is nonexistence name to smear the image of Alhaji Ibro Idris is laughable as thousand of people who follow me on social media also know me with the above name outside social media.

Be that as it may be, I am not surprised at Itopa’s unverified alarm as I am aware that most ‘Cyber Rodents’ of his type do not do fact findings before coming to public domain to vomit ‘drought allegations’.

Let me also unequivocally say that I am not looking for job under him or any of his associate and as such, I am not under obligation to spell out my personality on this platform.

2. In his poor sense of judgement, he tended to describe me as a _”wanner-be content Creator”_ looking for a household name through Ibro and his son, Abu Ibro as he sees that as “joke filled opinion ” to promote hatred I have for the duo.

Again, I comically soliloquise at his level of dried fabrication as it lacked substance and has no value in the real sense of reasoning.

Now to digress a little, before Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Abu Ibro took Engr Musa Wada to court, can Itopa recall or make reference any where both on the electronic media and on the print media where I have reason to engage the duo in question?

Perhaps, without iota of doubt, Itopa should be convinced that my action in venting my disappointment against Ibro is strictly for the interest of the good people of Kogi State.

Having clear the air on that, let me not fail to say that, ‘I hope abundance of illicit drugs in Okene in which NDLA’s Boss recently acknowledged is not the reason why Itopa came up with such insinuation which has no bearing with issue at hands?’

If, he is however remorseful about his unwarranted outburst, then he can lock himself down in isolation room for days until his supposed sense comes back.

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3. That he used his rejoinder to my article in order to warn me and those he referred to as “cohorts” to stay off of Ibro and Son in whom in his native intelligent deceiving to be in their support rather than his ‘nepotistic agenda’ of supporting White Lion.

Let me emphasis that it is those who are of the same class with him that he can deceive with such game of ‘kissing Jesus in the morning and having meeting with Judas Iscariot at night’.

If not being under the influence of drugs, on what authority is ‘Puppet Itopa’ warning?

And what makes him think that he has monopoly of violence or vague language when some of us don’t pay for such words before we release it as well?

4. That some of us are paid to smear the image of Ibro and son according to cheap fantasy of his imagination.

Even though I know he is using Ibro to promote his ‘nepotistic agenda’, I dare him to mention one right thinking individual who is a committed member of PDP that was/is in support of Ibro and Son’s action of going to court against Engr Musa Wada?.

5. That Ibro who has ruled Kogi State for 9 years deserves to install his son ( Abu Ibro ) as Governor after all according to ‘Puppet Itopa’, Ibro is the main financier of PDP.

Again, even through I know that ‘Puppet Itopa’ is promoting the bidding of White Lion who came to power by Helicopters’ rigging & tatatata them go hear am music, let me sarcastically respond that because Ibro was the main financier of PDP at a point, yes! his Son ( Abu Ibro ) must be the one to succeed him…”

That been the case, commonsense has given most of us a sense to now believe without doubt that the so called Puppet Issah Lucky Itopa is one of protruding offshoots of APC pretenders in PDP representing tens of thousand others infested with the Bellomacratic, Ebiranocratic and tatatocratic agenda of the APC where the bizarre helicopter rigging is never an act of criminality.

Nonsense! So whether his son has capacity or not, he should go and rule the state?

If not because opportunity missed road, what are the antecedents of Abu Ibro that desperately wanted to be Governor of Kogi State after he, Ibro, his Dad has ruled for 9 years?

If not the spirits of godfatherism and dynasticism’ coupled with greed that have overwhelmed Ibro, must he be his son?

Are they not other better brains with leadership skills outside Abu Ibro that can be considered for Lugard’ job?

That aside, since Ibro stopped financing the party, has the party become bankrupt ?

If I am tempted to ask; where did he, Ibro get such money from to singlehandedly finance the party? …

Let me state this also that ‘despite the fact that Hushpuppi is declared as the most wanted person for scamming thousand of individuals including almighty USA government, some people are still outside there celebrating him because they are also benefactors of his illicit business.

Hence, I am not surprised why ‘Puppet Itopa’ is celebrating Ibro even with his ‘special hidden interest’ of protecting WhiteLion’s act of criminality that acquired power through the most fraudulent means in the history of the world.

6. That if not because some of us are “media miscreants” else, we should have advised Engr Musa Wada not to seek court redress against WhiteLion.

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Can ‘Puppet Itopa’ see how he exposed himself? Is it not glaring that he is rather fighting for WhiteLion’s interest than Ibro he deceptively claimed?

If ‘Puppet Itopa’ claimed he is a party fellow, what was PDP’s vote from his polling unit or ward when APC recorded over voting from the four or the five Local Government Areas in his district?

Can ‘Puppet Itopa’ deny that he was not part of those who worked against PDP for ‘nepotistic reason’ in the said election?

At this ample time, let me inform ‘Puppet Itopa’ ahead of time, that his ‘WhiteLion’ would be pursued out of Lugard House very soon as justice would show him the exit route by the grace of God!.

Ignorantly, some of ‘Puppet Itopas’ type encouraged Ibro to use the issue of primary to deny Engr Musa Wada his mandate but to their greatest surprise, the case has been put to rest against their anticipated wish.

7. Instead of issue base, you try to drag my family into your hidden promotion on behalf of WhiteLion sadly, a close friend of Ibro’s family has even described you as one of the “Amodu Sheriffs” in PDP who come around with PDP’s tag but practices APC at heart.

With this, let me tell ‘Puppet Itopa’ that Ibro’s family is aware that he is not part of the family neither a member of PDP thus, I refused to discuss my family here as ‘Puppet Itopa’ inordinately desired for WhitLion’s consumption.

Having responded to your sponsored write- up by WhiteLion’s camp using Ibro and son’s court case as a window of opportunity, let me also highlight the following:

If your camp is not satisfied with the supreme Court judgement, there are ECOWAS court and International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) to approach.

Thus, one can never under rate the rigging machineries in this country after all, we have had “Supreme Court Governor” and “Temporary Tribunal Court Governor ” all in this country.

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Since ‘Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky’ is now media aide to PDP from Okene, Kogi people and opinion moulders outside Kogi, are also interested in his opinion how he reacted to Helicopters rigging during the last gubernatorial election in Kogi State.

Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky should equally tell the world how he received NDLA’s Boss remark acknowledging “Okene” as the home of “illicit Drugs” in Kogi State.

If ‘Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky’ can inordinately take advantage of Ibro’s mindset, for WhiteLion’s gain, Kogi people are also interested to hear from him whether he can deny the plot of “plea bargaining” between “Amodu Sheriffs” in PDP and WhiteLion’s Camp.

If ‘Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky’ wants to claim to be fair to the people of Kogi state, he should equally tell us his reaction on the issue of sitting Commissioner charged for: battery, assault and molestation.

Finally, let me state here without fear or favour that Engr Musa Wada is in court to reclaim his stolen mandate by those who came to disrupt PDP’s primary on 3rd September, 2019 and went ahead to use Helicopters and thugs to rig gubernatorial election on 16th November, 2019 therefore, whenever, Puppet Issa Itopa Lucky is paid to respond again, he should endeavour to address those issues raised.

_”The pen is mightier than the sword”_

I Remain My Humble Self
Sani Michael Omakoji
Public Affairs Analyst / Content Developer
Twitter: @Omakogi1

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