Just In: Npower Beneficiaries Begin Nation-Wide Protest

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Not fewer than 500,000 law abiding Nigerian citizens had recently lost their jobs and sent back to the streets to add up to the larger number of the unmanaged unemployed population in the country .

Just few weeks ago 500,000 Npower beneficiaries which consist the batches A & B were said to have been forcefully disengaged out of the program after being held unjudicially for over 4years in the scheme with the hope for permanency from the federal government which has been assured them permanency since the 2018 electoral campaign.

According to Emeka Ajike ,one of the sacked beneficiaries of the scheme had said;
” though the program was initially made clear in the beginning to last for just a period of 2years which was supposed to have elapsed in December 2018.

According to him at the time when beneficiaries had laid off their mind from the program Haven reached the date for proposed disengagement as contracted for, the federal Government came up with a proposal for permanency if voted into Government for a second term .

With this, a new hope was assured as Npower Beneficiaries took it upon them to ensure they win their units and wards for the APC lead Administration.

To him, he claimed the program made them participate in grassroot initiative with full commitment and sacrifices.

From time to time the program kept optioning different permanency opportunities like the N-powers community police and the others.

This made them believe in the reality of our permanency not until we were given a surprise disengagement without a warning as we have left many opportunities for this Npower program hoping it was a permanent job as promised by federal government.

If the Government haven’t brought up this program, we would have grown beyond this capitalist system where we worked for 4years yet has nothing to show of it.”

Aliyu , a northern beneficiary in Rivers State said in Porthatcourt, as a teacher he was forced to come to work all day as they were told it was a permanent job and today it’s really frustrating haven been sacked for his good services rendered.

Today we are above civil service age since we are now above 35 which means this program was just a destruction to our career live.

Another beneficiaries whose name remains anonymous claimed he left the military when his name was published since the Npower was assured to be converted as the proposed community police.

According to him this is the worst Government ever without mission or vision.

He added, he has been seeing productive governance in other countries where opportunities are given to the citizens but here in Nigeria only criminals and law breakers get better opportunities .

In Nigeria Amnesty is granted to criminals after being taken abroad for months to lavish funds ,they are still being paid for over 12years now without a stop.

The repented Boko Haram are given jobs into the Nigeria military etc but here are law abiding citizens who served the Government for 4yesrs are being abandoned like the criminals sentenced to suffer.

Many Nigerians went as far as getting married and now with children hoping the job was a lifetime job.

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These youths have suddenly become another challenge thus, the government has to make means for them before they become an issue to the government and the society.

These are Nigerian youths ,citizens and law abiding people that deserve the best.

This are the people the National Assembly should stand for as representatives.

These youths deserve better and not to be disengaged during a hard time like this, he stressed.

Meanwhile, a statement by the coordinator of the protest earlier last week stated that the so much talked about protest officially begins on Thursday 9th July 2020 across the country with Abuja, Lagos, Kano, PortHarcourt, and Ogun at the front burners but other states can go ahead with the protest before the set date.

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