Opinion: The Hunger For Personal Development By, Nguvan Kyenge

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On leadership gist our coach expert in the field of leadership, Arc Nguvan Kyenge ( John Maxwell Certified) tells us about The Hunger For Personal Development

In her explicit presentation, she says, “You increase your ability to earn more When You add value to yourself and the process of adding this value to yourself is called Personal Development

Let us read Nguvan Kyenge’s full presentation below:

“The Hunger For Personal Development”

We planned for 25 participants for the MindSetSeries Growth Mentorship Class session about to start on Monday and over 50 turned up and registered😳😳😳😳 …

I see and love the hunger for personal Growth and it gladdens my heart, because that is the very first step to a successful life.

We have Both online and offline students participants from Lagos, Abuja Benue and Port Harcourt.

The physical class will be streamed live on zoom, with bonus teachings on Telegram.

Congratulations to these ones, I am so excited about them because from this evening when they begin to onboard and take orientation on how best to benefit from this 4weeks of growth, they become my personal coaching clients, and I am ready to pour myself into them as much as they are committed and willing to receive.

I and a few other coaches will be Exposing them to the right choices they need to make, so they can be more efficient and productive in every sphere of life they find themselves When they adapt those choices.

Ignoring personal Development is like ignoring your very own potential…now who does that?😫😫

You increase your ability to earn more When You add value to yourself and the process of adding this value to yourself is called Personal Development…

your business can never be bigger than your mental capacity, more people will always patronize you if you have more value to exchange for money.

Promotions at your office will only come if you consistently bring more value to the table.

Your Spouse will value and love you more if you add value to their lives or home.

Your followers will follow you if give them capacity to grow.

But can you give that which you do not have?

That is why you need personal Growth.

My life today is a reflection of choices and decisions I made a few years ago when I made a choice to add value to myself by embarking on a journey of personal Development.

Interestingly, this journey has no destination as it is a continuous direction of hunger and growth to be a better person each and every new day!

When you meet me in person, you will realise I have a very happy, warm and accommodating personality.

I live and lead a very intentional and fulfilled life not because life doesn’t happen to me but because personal development has taught me to take charge of my life and trained me to be in full control about how I react to situations in my life by taking the right quality decisions for my well being.

Investing In yourself is the best investment you will ever make in life.

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A year from now your life will also be a reflection of the choices you make today … what will it be?

See you at the Top!”

Nguvan Kyenge
Leadership Expert
E-mail: guvie4us@yahoo.com
Facebook: Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd kyenge

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