Opinion: Nguvan Kyenge Tells Us Her “UNSTOPPABLE STORY”

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On leadership gist our coach expert in the field of leadership, Arc Nguvan Kyenge ( John Maxwell Certified) tells ” HER UNSTOPPABLE STORY”

In her presentation, she says “Just start, start, start, start….”

Let us read Nguvan Kyenge’s full presentation below:


Some years back in the cool city of Jos, I was this girl dedicated to whatever I knew and convinced about and as a music Minister I had challenges with certain people that felt really Jealous and would tear me down with words but I dare not say anything for so many reasons.

After a certain Ministration, I wasn’t happy because of one of their episodes and they were feeling like am I the only one there, I just went somewhere to seat and was telling myself, I won’t do this again, I don’t want enemies, I will just stop coming for rehearsals then one of my Youth Pastor…Pastor Falade looked at me and said Sister Praise… #You #Are #Unstoppable and no one can stop you but you.

I didn’t understand what it means at first, I just felt like hmm and smiled it off saying ‘Thank You Sir’ but while I was going home, it started ringing inside of me so I just picked my Bible and wrote it inside with date and the name of the person that said it.

After some years, I was beaten by the storms of life but those words kept coming, I decided to work towards it and have a practical meaning of what it means.

My Unstoppable story is both Spiritual and Physical because I had to pray to God to help me and also took some classes that helped me redefine myself, try out the MindSetseries Class with Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd Kyenge.

Am encouraging you this moment that though it seems like it won’t just work out or you have decided to pack yourself aside, possibly it seems far, Helloooooo…

You are Unstoppable and
You are the only one that can stop you…

You are not permitted to stop here!
You are seeing beyond the now!
You are going to survive it!
You will get to that point and stand out Victoriously!
Just Start taking a bit step!
Just start where you are!
Just start seeing possibilities!
Just start seeing positivity!
Just start been intentional!
Just start, start, start, start……..

#SimplyUnstoppable ”

Nguvan Kyenge
Leadership Expert
E-mail: guvie4us@yahoo.com
Facebook: Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd kyenge

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