Opinion: Experience Can Stall Your Progress By, Nguvan Kyenge

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On leadership gist our coach expert in the field of leadership, Arc Nguvan Kyenge ( John Maxwell Certified) unveils “Experience Can Stall Your Progress”By, Nguvan Kyenge

In her simple presentation, she says,
“sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to be successful !”

Let us read Nguvan Kyenge, full presentation below:

Experience Can Stall Your Progress

Do you believe Experience can be a curse?

I know we’ve been wired to believe experience is the best teacher but sometimes experience could hinder your progress because you keep judging your dreams and vision by your experience then you end up saying I never tried that before, or never seen anyone do it like that or this is not how its been done( my worst statement🤦‍♀️)

Then you give up on your pursuit! and begin to use your experience to stop your progress by your own self.

Lets look at the Story of David and Goliath, Saul was using his experience to fight a battle yet loosing.

He also tried to use his experience on David wear my shield, my helmet my sword etc

But David refused and instead used his innovation and won!

He slayed the Giant Goliath with something no one ever saw or used @ serious war before!—a sling and a stone..

Sometimes the answer to that huge problem of yours is just a simple solution.

Our generation needs people who will come up with things people have never seen before, we need people with innovation and new ideas to wreck the system from old ways of doing things!

That’s why Steve Jobs will always be in history as a great inventor, he kept defining his own experience.

When he created the iphone people thought he was done! and rejected the Ipad idea when he later came up with it, the size was scorned at, they told him it had to either be a laptop for the briefcase or an iphone for the pocket – But he insisted it would work!

Today the Ipad is the world’s most used Gadget

sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to be successful !

Define your own board to make progress

Consult your experience but never let it control you!!

see you @ the top,”

Nguvan Kyenge
Leadership Expert
E-mail: guvie4us@yahoo.com
Facebook: Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd kyenge

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