History: Brief History Of How Adagbó People Of Agada Fought Onbehalf Of Igala Kingdom To Conquer Apa People Of Delta State

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History: Brief History Of How Adagbó People Of Agada Fought Onbehalf Of Igala Kingdom To Conquer Apa People Of Delta State

(This is First Hand Information Narrated By Mrs Esther Abiba Sani & Documented by Sani Michael Omakoji)

Recently, I, Sani Michael Omakoji was in a galla night organized by some young Deltans in Abuja.

At a point at the occasion, I was asked to introduce my humble self and after I pleaded to take refuge under the established protocols, I said, ‘I am Sani Michael Omakoji, from Middlebelt, in Dekina Local Government area of Kogi State…and I stopped for other invitees to do same.

To my amazement, there was an appealing noise in the air muttering statements like; “the great Igala”, “Adagbô People who almost finished Apa People”, “We are here in peace this around”, “we are honoured to have you here”….

At first, I felt embarrassed because I was somewhat confused while all the hailing and the accolade.

Perhaps, as I tried to cheer along in confusion and disbelieve, a friend who invited me whistled into my ears and said, “ … they are hailing your tribe, Igala because of how they used “ODUGBÓ (Adagbo) to finish Apa people of Delta state around 1834 when there was ethnic war between Igala kingdom and them.

At this point, I got some relief as I at least I had knowledge why the encomiums and all the incomprehensible phrases in the air!

Interestingly, I have heard about the said ethnic clash but never paid much attention to know how it all went down.

Thus, right there, I monologue that I was going to find out about this ethnic clash and promised to leave something in simple write-up like this for my generation and generation yet to come.

As I began my historical adventure on this quest, I thought of the elderly ones within and around Igala land to meet for first hand information, some notable names rumbled my mind and even got confused where to start from because the names were some many on my mind.

Eventually, I got to my ancestral home, Agada and went round to gather information but information obtained was far from what I wanted following my encounter at “Young Deltans Galla Night”.

At this point, I recalled my Mum, Mrs Esther Abiba Sani, is a great story teller back then in her prime productive age.

So, I decided to demand of her if she could say something about ethnic clash between Igala kingdom and Apa people of Delta state then.

She smiled and nodded her head in agreement as she said, “Uchénaye Mama, you can never stop being inquisitive!

Coincidentally or as ‘fate’ will have it, my Mum, ( Mrs Esther Abiba Sani) is a well groomed and cultured Igala woman from Adagbó clan of Igala Kingdom.

As I narrate her story about Adagbó and their encounter with Apa people, let me also briefly say something about this woman, Mrs Esther Abiba Sani.

Mrs Esther Abiba Sani is a great gospel singer, a retired trader, a Lover of God and a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ whose marriage has brought forth nine children with one deceased…

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Below is a transcript of what she said about Adagbó People of Agada in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State.

“ Adagbó (Odugbó) is a clan in Agada Ogbabede – Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State that migrated from Ógadé, close to Chitakwu along River Bank of Niger and Benue.

Adagbó came to be in Agada around 1787 and Adagbó subsequently helped Ata Clan in Idah to fight Apa People of Delta State around 1834.

Adagbó performed the magic at Óché ché River at Idah that led to the mysterious deaths of thousand of Apa warriors as the drinking of water caused their deaths and those who stubbornly tried to cross Odugbó set by Adagbó also died in the process.

It was an act to behold as the magical power demonstrated by Adagbó clan of Igala Kingdom left everyone in awe and a talk of the nation at a point.

Thus, the contribution of Adagbó people towards the conquering of Apa People prompted the then Ata ( Ameh Ocheje ) to recognize Adagbó clan with “OMOGBO title” which is still being celebrated in Ógadé today”.

End of Part 1 Story

Part2 of this historical account are exclusively for those from Agada community while Part3 of the story is restricted for the writer and his siblings alone.

So, if you must read part two and part three, you must pay million of Naira to Agada community for the stories to be told.

Narrated By Esther Abiba Sani
Transcript By, Sani Michael Omakoji

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