Leadership Tip : Nguvan Kyenge Tells Us How God Qualifies The Unqualified

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In the recent leadership gist with our coach expert, Arc Nguvan Kyenge ( John Maxwell Certified) unveils “How God Qualifies The Unqualified

In her presentation, she says, “God has placed solid potential in all of us thus, is our duty to discover and Utilize it”.

Let us read Nguvan Kyenge, full presentation below:

” God Qualifies The Unqualified

It’s not uncommon to feel not enough , inadequate, unqualified to achieve goals but when next you feel that way remember how these unqualified people made History.

👉Noah was a drunk
👉Abraham was too old
👉Isaac was a daydreamer
👉Jacob was a liar
👉Leah was ugly
👉Joseph was abused
👉Moses was a stammerer
👉Gideon was full of fear
👉Rahab was a prostitute
👉Jeremiah and Timothy were too young
👉David had an affair and was a murderer
👉Elijah was suicidal
👉Isaiah preached naked
👉Jonah ran from God
👉Naomi was a widow
👉Job went bankrupt
👉John the Baptist ate bugs
👉Peter denied Christ
👉The Disciples fell asleep while praying
👉Martha was full of worry
👉The Samaritan woman was divorced
👉Zaccheus was a dwarf
👉Paul was once a persecutor
👉Timothy had an ulcer and
👉Lazarus was dead

God has placed solid potential in all of us thus is our duty to discover and Utilize it – discover yours!

See you @ the Top”

Nguvan Kyenge
Leadership Expert
E-mail: guvie4us@yahoo.com
Facebook: Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd kyenge

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