Opinion: #OndoDecides2020, Just Like We Have Supreme Court & Helicopter Govs, We Also Have Money Inducement Govs By Sani Michael Omakoji

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Following the just concluded #OndoDecides2020 election that saw the incumbent Governor, Akeredolu reelected, one of Nigerian public affairs commentators, Sani Michael Omakoji has observed that just like we now have Helicopter Governor and Supreme Court Governor in our system, we now have “money inducement Governors”.

Sani Michael Omakoji made this observation on Monday morning being 12th october 2020 on the popular program on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA ), titled “NTAGMN”.

Sani Michael Omakoji who made this observation via his twitter handle @Omakogi1 expressed disappointment how the two young ladies were show casing money on video clip that controlled their choices in #OndoDecides2020 election.

He lamented that we cannot be doing things in old ways and still expect different results.

He however suggested that if we must get it right, the bill legalizing electronic voting before 2023 general elections should be signed into law.

His tweets are culled as follows:

” Just like we have Helicopter Gov &Supreme Court Gov, we also have “Money Inducement & Thug Governors”.It saddens my heart to watch young ladies in a video clip being proud of selling their votes in the just #OndoDecides2020. In this case, can u say the people have decided?

#OndoDecides2020 before election, it was not clear who was going to win, notwithstanding, a winner has emerged & to some extent INEC & security personnel despite vote buying should be commended. We saw vote buying by 2leading parties & the outcome went for the highest bidder.

If we are sincere and we want to change the narrative of vote buying as we saw in #OndoDecides2020 , we should ensure the bill for electronic voting is to before 2023 general election. We cannot be doing things in old ways and expect different result”.

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