#Nobraday: Why The Celebration Of NoBraDay?

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There is currently an ongoing campaign on social media with hashtag #NoBraDay?

This campaign is simultaneously going on across all the continents of the world with Africa inclusive especially South Africa part of the continent and in East Africa.

Nigerians social media enthusiasts are not also left out of this campaign not minding the current agitation to #ENDSARS in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, a lot of these peoples are involved in this campaign without knowing the reason for #NoBraDay.

However, from investigation, OurWorldGist discovered that the reason for the campaign is to create awareness about “breast Cancer”.

The campaign is to therefore among other reasons educate women across the globe on how to fight the menace of ” breast cancer” and possibly prevent it.

Meanwhile, while wishing women around the world a successful campaign, from all of us at  OurWorldGist  this is also cautioning women to take a very good care of their breasts in order to avoid this deadly disease call “breast cancer”.

Flashback to 13th October, 2020

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