Opinion: Governor David Umahi Defection And The Fading Fate Of his Future Political Endeavor By Ezema Chekwube Sunday.

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It is no longer news that the Governor of Ebonyi State has decamped from opposition party, Peoples’ Democratic Party to All Progressive Congress, what is now trending is how political analysts received his defection.

In line with the above, alot of Nigerians have reacted and some are still talking.

In recent time, ourworldgist staff, Ezema Chekwube Sunday, a social commentator also added his own opinion.

In what he titles: “Governor David Umahi Defection And The Fading Fate Of his Future Political Endeavor”, let us read his opinion.

“The recent defection of Ebonyi State Governor Engr David Umahi from the opposition party Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to the ruling party, All Progressive Congressive (APC) has so far generated a lot of controversies with many calling that move a political gambling.

His defection was duly welcomed by lots of surprises as he is/was least expected.

From massive resignation of his cabinet members who refused to join him in is his new party, to Ebonyi state Assembly members who also openly told him that he is on his own and none of them will join him on his new train revealed that Umahi has no needed support to have made such move.

The fallout between him and his fellow south east Governors of which he chaired as Chairman South East Governors Forum perhaps also raised dust on Umahi’s political fate in his new party, APC.

Another area of disadvantage to Governor Umahi’s political adventure is the recent name calling and exchange of words between him and Rivers state Governor Hon Nyesom Wike whose many in the region and Nigeria in general consider him as one of the most influential politicians in the region.

Hence, an independent finding into Umahi’s future political enterprise suggests that he has no needed stakeholders support from the region to have embark on this political adventure.

Though, it is worthy of note to stress here that Governor Engr David Umahi has done really well in the area of infrastructural and human development in Ebonyi state but the reactions that trail his defection from his loyalists have raised issues which may jeopardize his future political endeavor.

No wonders a political analyst from Katsina state Engr Tasiu Abubakar who reacted on his Facebook post dated 18/11/2020, says as I quote “Am yet to understand the formula David Umahi is going to use to solve his political equation”.

Though politics is not BODMAS where is certain that 2+2=4 but the comments that followed the mentioned post didn’t portray brighter future for Umahi in his new party.

On this note, it is worthy of note to draw inference from Igbo’s adage which says: “obughi onye bu uzo gbapu oso na – agbakaria” meaning that is not always the first person to run out in a race that usually wins at the end”.

While wishing Governor David Umahi best in his new party, I will not fail to acknowledge his reason for defection of which there is evidential to those who care to know.

As he states that PDP inability to allow someone from Igbo extraction to secure it’s presidential ticket since the return of democracy in 1999 is a great injustice and it should be tackled.

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Thus, he has every right to protest and take his grievances to wherever that suits him but the question here is, how sure is he that APC will do the opposite?

How will APC with fewer supporters in the entire south east zone would make him presidential candidate come 2023 remains major political upset to be seen in the days ahead.

And again coupled with massive corruption, killings, banditry, police brutality and Boko harm manace that are threatening the nation in this current APC administration, one might say that APC may have but a slim chance of retaining the power in the centre of the world most populated black Nation, Nigeria come 2023…”.

Ezema Chekwube Sunday
Social Commentator,
Abuja – Nigeria

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