Opinion: Reflecting On The US2020 Presidential Election, Austeen Anibe Otene says, ” The Difference Between America & Nigeria Is The System & Not The People”

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Recently, there was presidential Election in US in which Donald Trump of the Republican ( The incumbent president) and Joe Biden of the Democrat are the major rivals.

In the said election, Joe Biden has been widely reported by those Trump repeatedly calls “fake media” as the projected winner of the election.

However, the official result remains in oblivion as Donald Trump has approached the Supreme Court to declare the said election as “anti-America wish” as he accused that , the election was massively rigged in favour of Joe Biden of the Democrat.

It is against this background that one of Nigerian finest political analysts, Austeen Anibe Otene, xtrays the underlying issues in what he titles: ” Again, The Difference Between America And Nigeria Is The System And Not The People, Reflecting On The US 2020 Presidential Election “.

Let us read his interesting analysis:
“Just as Nigeria had a Buhari in 2007 rejecting the outcome of an election he lost, there is a sharp contrast of a Jonathan who accepted his election loss in 2015. These are Nigerians with two different ideologies.

Back to the United States of America in 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded to Trump’s victory even though he lost the popular vote to Hillary by 3million+.

Here we are in 2020, Trump has refused to concede his massive election loss both at the electoral college and popular votes to President-elect Joe Biden. That is not the issue of concern right now.

The worries about Trump’s awkward unpatriotic and undemocratic actions is that his repeated and naked lies of massive election fraud and claims he won the election without any evidence even when presented with the opportunities to do so, is a smear on democracy and this is coming as a major setback for the greatest democracy on earth.

Even third world leaders would have behaved more responsible at election loss compared to Donald Trump.

The divisiveness nature of his rhetoric is damping the core values of America’s values.

Trump really does not care about America as a country but just himself as it were.

From every one of his actions, it will be seen as a person that prefers to burn down America than losing an election.

At a failing speed of his legal actions up to the Supreme Court, speaks of a country governed by a system and structure and not humans.

If only America was a third world nation without a system, there would have been complete bloodletting and daggers drawn from all sides of the aisles.

Trump has repeatedly and openly tried to subvert the will of the people as he continues to try to lure GOP controlled state legislatures to upturn an election he publicly lost to his favour.

Under a democracy, Trump’s actions are culpable of being a coup.

The sad and disgusting part is that of his enablers who have continued to amplify Trump’s lies all to their selfish advantage.

They all know Trump handsomely lost that election with no mistakes. Yet the likes of Mitch, Cruz, Rubio, and Graham won’t dare acknowledge Biden’s win publicly not to attract Twitter tirade from a sore loser, all in a bid to protect their political future.

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It further shows that the colour of our skin does not reflect who we are.

Only our actions do. This is reflected in the heightened racial abuses in the west and the ethnic and tribal abuses in Africa and Nigeria to be precise.

Imagine that the United States applies the same governance system like Nigeria, the country would have been among the worst place to live on earth”.

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