Life And Time of Late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi

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Jacob Joe Abdullahi was born into the family of late Abdullahi in a small village call Agojeju – Abocho in Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State on 26th September, 1964.

Growing up as a child in a village, Jacob Joe Abdullahi loved following his Father to the farm in order to help the family feed and upset bills from the sale of Agricultural produces.

At age 10, Jacob Joe Abdullahi moved to a nearby town Abocho to have his western education that is, his Primary and post primary between 1974 and 1984.

Upon graduation from Biraidu Community Secondary School, Abocho with flying colours, Jacob Joe Abdullahi proceeded to the School of Basic Sciences Makurdi in 1985.

After his A/ Level programme ( I.J.M.B ) with an outstanding result, he proceeded to the University of Jos, where he studied Basic Sciences, and later moved into the prestigious federal college of Medical Laboratory Sciences, at the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau State, where he qualified as a medical Laboratory Scientist in 1993.

For his masters Degree in Immunology, Jacob Joe Abdullahi enrolled in Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, and then ended up with a Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in Health Support Services at the Columbus international University in the United Kingdom.

Jacob Joe Abdullahi was at a time a Manager, Abba Medical Laboratory, Kubuwa; Laboratory Scientist National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Idu-Karmo, Abuja; and Chief Medical Director/CEO: Winners Medical Diagnostic/Research Institute; Abuja with additional twenty branches cutting across the states of the federation.

It is worthy of note that amongst many major breakthroughs of late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi were Invention of Anti-Retroviral Drug for dreaded HIV/AIDS; Reagent for Testing Typhoid fever; Discovery and Invention of Winnie cure for the treatment of HIV/AIDS among others.

In an interview with Late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi sometimes in the past, he said, “HIV research has been done. We discovered the treatment for HIV/AID in 1998, and since then, over 50,000 cases have been treated with a success rate of over 80 per cent which far exceeds the 1 per cent the world is looking for.

What this product needs is awareness that it is available in Nigeria and can be obtained irrespective of your country or continent.

If Dr Abalaka could not defend his scientific findings and stopped along the line, that was probably his decision.

We in Winnerslab have been able to defend our scientific findings for this treatment option anywhere in the world.

As I speak to you, I am an immunologist, and I can tell you that this is possible, and there is no professor of medicine or researcher that can disprove our findings.

Since, we started, what I see is that people copy the mechanism of action of Winniecure.

Some researchers look for cytokines and chemokines which are the major constituents of our product, and they see that with these, the body can be made to cure itself.

Actually, there is no agent that cures the virus; it is the body that cures itself of the virus.

When the cells are infected with the virus, Winniecure product prompts the Natural killer Cells (NK Cells) to start looking for where the infections are taking place through the help of the chemokines.

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Another help available in that product is the presence of cytokines for new cells, CD8 or cytotoxic cells to start destroying all the infected cells in the body through a process known as phagocytosis.

The body has the power to do this, but because of the invasion of the pathogens which overwhelms the body’s immune system, that process may take place but at a very slow pace.

Therefore, what Winniecure product does is to activate the body’s immune response to this infection and perform maximally to overcome these pathogens.

This is the only way that HIV and many other infections may be cured.

On the 15th July, 2000, the American government sent a- 5-man delegates from Congressional Tax Force on HIV/AIDS, to meet me in Abuja.

They were led by Hon. Jim Mcdermott, a US congress man.

When they came, I explained to them everything about our products and they asked lots of questions.

That prompted our own House Committee on Health led by Hon. Ogbeide Willie from Edo state to conduct an open hearing on the 8th August, 2000, where 16 claimants appeared.

There was a White Paper by the Ministry of Health, to further investigate my claims and those of Dr Abalaka, out of the 16 of us that appeared.

About 200Million naira was released for a further investigation of our findings.

But along the line, we did not know what happened to the money that neither I nor Dr Abalaka was further investigated to prove the authenticity of our claims.

The money was supposed to be used for further clinical trials but those that represented the federal government did not show up, and consequently our products were not further investigated.

Notwithstanding, we continued with our own clinical trials of our products and also made publications in scientific journals”.

Late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi as man of the people bagged the following awards: Award of Excellence by Abuja Digest; Research and Humanitarian Services Award by the Nigerian Youth Association; Community Meritorious Service Award by the Middle Belt Youth Forum; Merit and Immense Service Awards by the Igala Students Association; Outstanding Dedication Awards by the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist, Abuja Branch; Award for Encouragement of the ideals of a Humane and Egalitarian Society by Association of Nigeria Authors; A National Builder Award by the Medical Laboratory Students Association of the Federal College Veterinary Medical Laboratory Science; National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom and Scientific Model Research Award; Nigerian Institute of Public Relations; Societal Role Model Award; Nigerian Tribune along side 19 Governors; Youth Development Award; African Youth; International Award of Merit; West African International Magazine; Award of Excellence: Nigerian Health Records Association; National Hospital Branch FCT; 2003 Man of the Year Award: AmericanBiographical Institute;Global ExcellenceAward: Voice of Africa International Achievers; NAMLSS, OAU, Ile-Ife Branch (Award of Excellence in Scientific Research); Outstanding Scientific Medical Research Award by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations

Others are Community Development and Youth Empowerment Award by Ojuju Agbadufu Igala, 2002; Merit Award by Prime International Corporate Development in Nigeria; Merit Award by Prime International Communication; Visionary and Pioneering Efforts in Scientific Research by AMLSN, Kaduna Branch; Award of Merit by the Igala Cultural and Development Association; Innovation through Professional Research MeritAward by INOTCLEF Branch Chapter; Meritorious Service Award by NAMLSS, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital; Outstanding Invention in Life Award by Igala Students Association, Ahmadu Bello University branch; AnOutstanding contribution in Health Care Delivery Service Award by AMLSN Nasarawa State Branch; ICON of Hope Award by National Association of Kogi State Students, 2003; National Builders Merit Award, NAMLSS, Benin among others.

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Late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi in his quest to extend his community service and humanitarianism to many societies, he contested for Governorship seat in Kogi State in the year 2007 under Labour Party but lost to the then incumbent Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Ibro Idris.

Until his death on 19th December 2020, Late Dr Jacob Joe Abdullahi who died of cardiac arrest, survived by a wife, two boys and two girls.

From all of us at , this is wishing his family, Kogi People particularly Abocho community and the entire Nigeria, the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

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