Just In: J.S Okutepa ( SAN ) Bewails The Level Of Begging In The Land As He Eulogies A Physically Challenged “Abojonyene”

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Respected Jibrin Sam Okutepa ( SAN ) has bemoaned the level of begging amongst able bodied men and women in Igala land.

Okutepa who called for a change of narrative used the story of “Abojonyene” a physically challenged fellow who refused to be pitied but earning a living from her talents as an Artist.

Okutepa’s view came to public domain via his official Facebook’s account where he wrote:

“Yesterday I was moved to tears when I saw great talents displayed by an Igala female artist and dancer at Fosla Hotel in Idah Kogi State.

She is called Abojonyene. Yes, “Abojonyene”.

She is physically challenged on one of her legs. I never heard of her before. I never met her before until yesterday.

I saw talents in her. I saw determination in her. Her voice and dancing steps were something else.

She was simply an embodiment of talents.

Despite her almost crippled legs, she exhibited such dexterity of determination not to go round begging but to use her talents to earn a living.

Abojonyene is a challenge to those of us who decided to engage in begging as hobbies in our land today to earn a living.

I get worried each time I see able bodied men and women/ladies begging and or blaming someone who did not help them.

You can make your marks when you decided to take your destiny in your hands.

The Abojonyenes of this world should be a challenge to us.

There are ladies and boys whose only specialities today is begging. I hate to see us doing so.

Nobody succeed by accident unless you are a thief.

Some of us you see today as if we did not suffer, really suffered to attained the heights we are today.

Igala land and indeed Nigeria is a land of many opportunities.

All that one needs to succeed is determination and abilities to remain focused.

There are great potentials in our tourist sectors.

There are much more in agricultural sectors.

Engaging in begging as hobbies will not help.

Engaging in giving fake awards will not help. Things are now hard.

Yes to you and those who are not ready to work with their hands before eating, things must always look very hard.

Nothing has every being easy from the creation.

We must consciously work with our hands to make a living.

This is my charge to all youths of our land. Find something to do and you will succeed. Rome was not built in a day”.

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