Breaking: WorldMan Reveals How Elomama Has Become Power Drunk To Telpecon Disbursement

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A Telpecon hopeful identified as WorldMan has revealed how Elomama, the Chairman of Telpecon has become power drunk to disbursement.

WorldMan made this known on Thursday last week in what he titles: “A Telephone Conversation Between Two Telpecon Chairmen And A Director Over The Disbursement Palava”.

Quoting WorldMan, he says thus: “A meeting is ongoing with Elomama. He is seen as the problem of the grant. They had meeting with him on Wednesday but couldn’t finish and it will have to continue. He is power drunk and have forgotten that it is people that put him in that president’s position through vote because of the trusts reposed on him.

What Donald did that made him fall of favour and now hiding about is what Elomama is now embarking on now. Elomama wants to appoint committee for all NGO and it is this committee that will do disbursement, is it the committee that collate data from beneficiaries? Is it committee that was entering different villages in Nigeria where people pay monies?…

There is no issue with regards to the grant, Elomama is the issue at hand, he will not die as that will give a lot of set back. He needs to repent and o the people’s wish. Some powerful people like Ekanta told him that if he refuses to be up and doing, they will call Government to come and intervene.

He said that intervention funds has been spent by Elomama, that he is pretending to be a saint but he is not one. He spends and collects money and did not want other people to spend money.
Ekanta is telling him that the percentage that is supposed to come to Telpecon, they will remove some of it because of the intervention he sent without giving them any share from it.  He has several outlets and there are certain percentages he will collect from each outlet, as the president of Telpecon, there is certain amount due to you…why not let go of something to other people? That is why I like Jonathan’s government then, he eats and let others too eat.

Gbenga Daniel’s administration in Ogun state back then is also chop I chop. Well, he will listen to the peoples’ yearnings, his wife will talk to him… He can’t remain the Telpecon president for ever o, he was appointed and he will be kicked against and removed after disbursement! He just seats there and is doing yanmayanma!

Nothing is delaying the money again whatsoever, at least a spirit made CBN to sit on the money at one time and who knows if it is that spirit that is now worrying Elomama now? We need to pray and pray that the spirit of delay should e token because millions of people are waiting o! He probably didn’t know that he is attracting enemies to himself. This is what he should do and earn people’s praise and respect…

Well, God will inter into him to do the right thing on time. Our kids have resumed schools now and there is no money to pay their fees…. He has to change o, let’s all jointly call on God however, we know so that Elomama hears and do our wish between now and next week…

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Elomama will hear and do our wish by Gods grace. I registered 150 Directors without collecting a dime from them…Well, let’s see what happens between now and next week. My wife was spiritually attacked because of this grant… Well, God will intervene and we will not stop praying.

The Yoruba audio was between two men that are directors, one is chairman and the other director, the chairman was briefing the director about the outcome of their meeting with Elomama last Wednesday.
He said it’s power that is intoxicating Elomama because he sets up committee to pay directors and chairmen at the expenses of the NGOs which they kicked against seriously.

The chairman said he begged all the directors under him before they could allowed him to register them without collecting one Naira from anyone of them (150 directors). He now said how can Elomama expect him to now collect the same amount with all those people considering all his efforts and spendings?. He said during the meeting they (NGOs) told Elomama that if he’s not careful they too will expose him about the intervention money he has spent without given them one kobo out of it.
At this junction he said Elomama now calm down. He said Elomama must not die because it will cost a setback for the disbursement if he dies but he must succumb.

He said Elomama is punishing millions of people because he wanted to pay directors directly. The director said it’s Elomama’s wife that will caution him at last. The chairman said the money is 100% ready that it’s only this in-house disagreement that is causing delay and nothing else again. Both of them agreed during their conversation that they should go into serious prayers for God to touch his heart completely.
Interpretation is not easy I’ve tried my people bear with me” says WorldMan

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