Breaking: Sacked Top Executives Of TELPECON Write Disclaimer

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Following the news that Top TELPECON Executives  have been sacked, the embattled BOT executives have released a statement to counter the allegation labelled against them.
In a statement authored by Prof Nkanta Gideon, he said all allegations labelled against them are baseless and false.

Part of the statement reads: “From: The Office Of The Statutory Chairman Of Telpecon BOT, Prof. Nkanta Gideon, Statutory Executive Secretary Of Telpecon BOT, Pst Asogbon O.G, Statutory Member Of Telpecon BOT, Mrs Joy Anih
To: All Nigerians, Security Agencies and Intelligence Operatives, Government Institutions, NGOs, Leaders &Member of Telpecon Nationwide and Organization outside the shore of Nigeria

We the above officials of Telpecon BOT do hereby disclaim the allegations levelled by some evil group to assassinate our unquestionable character on the social media;
1. That we have shared the Telpecon grant.
Answer: Telpecon grant belonged to all NGOs who duly registered in the organisation, at such, it will be uncalled for, inhumane to even think of that or shared such money without the consent of others
2. That the Telpecon grant documents is with us.
Answer: We are not in custody of such documents
3. That we have shared the Telpecon intervention fund.
Answer: There is nothing called intervention Fund, its a mere propaganda, don’t permit anybody to deceive you
4. That the Telepecon grant is $700 billion.
Answer: The approved and signed grant claim is $700 Million NOT $700 billion( No Government will allowed such amount to entered their country).
5. That we are the one delaying the disbursement from CBN.
Answer: Telpecon does not have any business with CBN nor any money in CBN.(Please goto CBN and confirm this, its a calculated deception capable of destroying the image of Telpecon and all concerned parties when investigated should be brought to book to face the wrath of the law)
6. That the consultant has joined hands with us to divert the grant to another source.
Answer: Infact, we have constituted a reliable committee that shall continue the processes before disbursement date would be announced and as soon as the processes of disbursement is completed, the grant shall be disbursed”.

Recall that ourworldgist has earlier brought you a news how some Top TELPECON executives were rumoured sacked notwithstanding this development, ourworldgist is always on standby to update you.

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