As TELPECON Beneficiaries Patiently Wait For Disbursement, WorldMan Gives Update Of All The Pending Grants

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Telpecon Beneficiaries patiently wait for the disbursement of the grant, grant ardent follower known as “WorldMan” has given update of all the pending grants to include: Telpecon, Commonwealth, Golden-Bridge, Theobarth, Oseea, and Candle Light grants.

Here is his unedited post:
The reason why I don’t want to post Telpecon update anyhow now is that what I’m most interested about is Telpecon Disbursement date.
For those who have been worried and asking for verified Telpecon update, Mr Kingsley who’s our representative has assured us to get back with substantial Information Immediately every Investigation is concluded shortly. Telpecon cannot pay Beneficiaries 6k. Remove that from your mind. It can never happen. We’re not beggars. This is a GRANT not an orphanage food giveaway project, no more no less. Beneficiaries will go home with Millions but the amount is not known yet, people lost their jobs people sold their properties to secure positions in Telpecon, so Elomamah cannot come and give us that $700m bullshit to swallow. Because the Beneficiaries are Quiet now doesn’t mean we’re relaxed. If Telpecon leaders think they’re safe, it’s only for a matter of Days. The War they’ve tried so hard to avoid will blow up in their faces one by one. We’re not giving up. Telpecon will pay each Beneficiary in Millions. We’ve come too far to go back home empty handed. Mr Kingsley will relate to us the way forward shortly.

COMMONWEALTH GRANT: After the training announcements to train all Commonwealth Directors and Chairmen which points to Commonwealth Disbursement. Now Commonwealth management has refused to come out in the public to address the masses on the delay we’re experiencing. That doesn’t mean Commonwealth is free from the wrath that Telpecon leadership will experience if they don’t do the needful. The Month of April is the last chance for all this delay. Whatever Commonwealth leaders want to do they better hurry up and do it now because it’s not by Saying Commonwealth Grant is Sponsored by Nigerian retired Army. Soldiers don’t cheat people. So our right is our right. Protest Is protest. Enough of this silence games. But for now the only thing Commonwealth is doing is giving out of Certificate to NGOS. Some NGOS in the country have collected their Certificates. Data capturing is also taking place with all directors in Commonwealth.

GOLDEN-BRIDGE GRANT: So far so good since the allegation of Golden Bridge being sponsored by professor Isong of Telpecon, GOLDEN-BRIDGE has not come out to defend themselves to not having anything to do with Prof Isong, because from the research made, a major stake holder who’s a National Coordinator has affirmed that Golden Bridge Grant has nothing to do with Telpecon as Isong is not in anyway their Consultant but the Consultant for Telpecon Grant. GOLDEN-BRIDGE money is already in the Country. According to one of the Coordinators of Golden Bridge. She said “Empty Barrels makes the loudest noise”. In which she’s referring to Telpecon Leadership. As she informed us that Golden Bridge has instructed all their National Coordinators to allocate the Credit Cards💳 to all Directors especially the Chairmen, Secretaries and Treasurers and that is what is happening right now with Golden bridge, that Golden Bridge is not sleeping, they don’t just make noise like Telpecon Leaders, as Telpecon major issue is fighting and fighting for Power in the Leadership circle but in Golden-Bridge such thing can never happen. According to the National Coordinator of Golden bridge, they affirmed that the final arrival of Golden bridge Grant has just dropped. Golden-bridge will Disburse in Four tranches batch by batch. If you’re out there and Telpecon Grant has consumed you to think Golden Bridge is fake, please retrace your steps unless you personally just don’t like Golden Bridge. I’ll be posting an audio note to further buttress my research. There’s available spaces for Directors alone in Golden Bridge unit and if you’re interested call this number Immediately 08133844040, ask your questions make your own findings ask for updates on Golden Bridge with that number if you’re interested. Thank you.

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THEOBARTH GRANT: As we all know the most highly anticipated Grant Disbursement that has taken the lead from Telpecon Grant. After the conference of Theobarth Grant the Leader, Mr Theophilus has affirmed that Theobarth Grant has no direct dealings with Chairmen and Directors but only NGOS and Beneficiaries. That doesn’t mean that Theobarth forgot that these Chairmen and Directors were the ones who went into the wild to sort the data of Beneficiaries. But instead Mr Theophilus has mandated the NGOs to take care of these Chairmen and Directors accordingly. So it means the disbursement to Chairmen and Directors comes directly from Theobarth NGOS. Nevertheless, Beneficiaries who have been expecting to be paid about 2-4million will now be paid 1.8million naira each while the amount for Chairmen and Directors are dependent on the decision of the NGOS. These instructions from the CEO has put alot of Chairmen and Directors into a worrisome state as they’re wondering how much these NGOS will pay them. Well, the payment plan for Chairmen and Directors is based on a cordial relationship with their NGO leaders. But no matter what it may be, the Money for Chairmen and Directors will definitely be much higher than that of the Beneficiaries. NGOs know that these Chairmen and Directors did the Major bulk of the job and deserves to be paid with respect to their labour.
If you’re out there and you have your Beneficiaries intact already and you want to register your cluster as soon as possible please contact Mr Sam Agada a Theobarth State chairman at 08069794951, he will include you into Theobarth NGOs that are still collecting data before Disbursement kicks off in two weeks. Mr Agada doesn’t deal with Beneficiaries but only those interested in having a cluster. Call him or chat him up with the same number as he submits his final list tomorrow and next tomorrow pls do not lose out.
For those who have been sending me tonnes of msgs on WhatsApp Telegram and Facebook messenger I just got a lucky link for you. For Theobarth Beneficiaries registration, please call Miss Becky Immediately at 08119433701 if you don’t have airtime then send her msgs on WhatsApp at 07016040004 Immediately as she only needs 90 names. Immediately the names are filled up she submits her data today or tomorrow latest. Please and please I made this public so that you won’t say I only sent this opportunity to few Beneficiaries who want to register under Theobarth Grant. So if I were you, I would call them Immediately to get myself, my wife, my husband and children registered😂…cos if we’re to depend solely on Telpecon Grant hmmmm for now I won’t advice anyone to only wait for Telpecon Grant. Other Grants are experiencing peace and unity so join them now!!!! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

OSEEA GRANT: Oseea has finally embarrassed her enemies at last. Oseea has taken the boldest steps towards Disbursement beyond every reasonable doubts. The Management of Oseea Grant has blessed all her State and regional Coordinators with Houses(Bungalow🏡) and Cars and the jubilation💃🏻🤸🏻‍♀️🕺🏼👯🏼‍♀️ in that meeting on that faithful day could collapse a whole building. The package for all Oseea Local Government CHAIRPERSONS is cooking and the food will be served shortly. Oseea Grant has faced the worst insults and ridicule from Nigerians calling it Scam Grant over these past months. But well, the casted stone has finally become the chief corner stone🎖️. All Oseea Beneficiaries are promised to be paid 250k while Directors are to be paid 1.2million each for all units. These amount may be small compared to other Grants but having these small amount can start up good businesses as we wait for other grants to kick off Disbursement in the Month of April. Oseea Grant has made it a must to Disburse in April starting from Next week. The Oseea Second Batch registration is finally out for all Intending Directors and Beneficiaries. If you need a fast link please call Mrs Titilayo a regional Coordinator at 08157678545 and if you don’t have airtime, send her a message on WhatsApp at 08133844040. All these phone numbers I’m giving you are big leaders in this Grant Industry and they’re humanitarians so your personal interests are protected and is their major concern so don’t fear. Call them any day and any time , they’re at your service and they’ll fight for you during Disbursement if it comes to that so worry Not!. Thank you.

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CANDLE🕯️LIGHT GRANT: For those who are hearing candle light Grant for the first time, where have you been?😂. Candle light Grant is real and their system is very different from all other Grants in Nigeria. The State Project proposal of Candle light Grant has been written and submitted and has been forwarded abroad ✈️ to their Donors for payment plans. As we speak the disbursement of candle light Grant will begin Immediately they have up to 400 Units in the Country. Currently Candle light has over 200+ Units. They have Short Term Grant and Long Term Grant. Candle light Grant is on her Short term Grant right now as we speak. The Short term Grant is solely made for only Directors and Chairmen. Seven(7) Directors makes up a Unit in Candle light Grant. The designated number of people (Directors and Chairmen) to be paid is only 35,000 people in the Country in all 36 states of the Federation. The registration fee for Directors are used for their logistics and everything will be stated out for you. Candle light Grant are more transparent in dealing with Nigerians. The Long Term Grant of Candle light is solely for the Beneficiaries but not for now. Each Beneficiaries for the long term Grant will be paid a minimum of 5million Naira each, unit chairmen 150m, Directors 100m and the General Unit will be paid 9 Billion Naira each. The Disbursement Clearance for CANDLE LIGHT has been signed and authorized by the EFCC and the disbursement Certificates is already prepared. All they need is for the Consultant to give them a go ahead to disburse Immediately the units are completed. Be a Unit Director today in Candle light Grant by calling Miss Lakoju the River State Representative at 08134057824 or chat her up on WhatsApp if you’re interested. According to her, “Candle light is a peaceful Community, we do our job quietly without noise and will Disburse our grant quietly without noise” Miss Lakoju. Call her now to be a part of this Organization. Thank you.

Like I always tell all my Broadcast List, “PUT YOUR LEG EVERYWHERE OOO, AND DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET(Telpecon). Register in all Legit and Legal Grants in the country so that when anyone begins to pay you’ll be amongst the first members to testify🤝🏻.”

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