Covid-19 Vaccine: With The Exception Of The Few, ‘The Whites’ Are More Satanic Than The Devil We Accuse Every Day!

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The rate at which Africans are used by the whites as clinical trial for this COVID-19 vaccine is becoming unbecoming.

So many Africans and Asians have died in the process and many are still meeting their untimely death with the application of this Vaccine

Recall that many theories have emerged since the outbreak of this pandemic, covid-19, with many alleging that is meant to depopulate Africans and Asians.

Suspiciously, Africans and Asians are now used by the whites for the clinical trials of covid-19 vaccine even though the vaccine is not originally designed for them.

It is against this background that our versatile writer, Sani Michael Omakoji, bears his opinion on what he titles as: With The Exception Of The Few, ‘The Whites’ Are More Satanic Than The Devil We Accuse Every Day!”

Let us read his thought provoking reaction:

“It sounds ignorance to say  COVID-19 is a conspiracy against African & Asian continents but the truth of the matter is that, “the version of vaccine these people are giving many Africans and Asians are induced to cause havoc.

The whites have severally complained about African population explosion with so many theories but ironically, these people are more in population than the whole of African & Asian Continents.

The BIG question is, why should they worry about our population explosion when they are 20 times more than us?

If they are afraid that Africans and Asians are potential liabilities to them, why can they help them to harness their potentials and make our land a better place?

It is unfortunate that despite our God giving mineral resources which are way more than that of the whites most African Leaders have not been able to take advantage as they remain docile, unaccountable, foolish and backwards in their thinking.

It may interest you to know, that if only African leaders do the right thing, they will be no need for brain drain, and capital flight.

On the issue of whether  COVID-19 is a conspiracy or not, how many African leaders have risen to empower medical sector to investigate how this pandemic can be handled?

Let me say at this point that kudos to Madagascar government who have developed local herb as a remedy for this pandemic and it is working

The most unfortunate reality in Nigeria is that even the few leaders who stood against the outbreak of this pandemic have not done much to address the health sector.

As I write, the Nigerian Doctors are currently on strike just like their counterpart in education sector, “ASUU” who have had a protracted strike!

But our Leaders do not really care much about the public as they go on medical tourism and on holidays in Europe at the detriment of the poor masses even as unemployment, low standard of living, infrastructural decays and poverty are all time high!

One wonders if we do not have the technical know how or competent people in the lands to do the right thing!

On the contrarily, we do! but often, corruption which has become a norms in Africa works against the poor masses.

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Even Governor Bello of Kogi State who seems to have taken a good stand against Covid-19 pandemic is not doing any thing much outside media other than noise making.

For example, out of 35 ‘prominent’ natural resources we have in Nigeria, only Kogi State has 27 in commercial quantity.

Perhaps, apart from Obajana and Alo Cement factories established by late Adoja and Governor Wada, which other mineral resource is in use in Kogi State yet you have a Governor making noise all over the media that some Youths and women are demanding of him to run for 2023 presidency.

As position of authority such as that of Nigerian presidency has become this a joke?

Am I against his move? Not at all as he does have a right according to our constitution to aspire for such prestigious position if only is merited base on track records of achievements.

But reserve is the case in Kogi state as worker salaries are not paid as at when due, local government workers are given percentage salaries and the state is at a standstill as no serious economic activity is thriving due to bad leadership.

It may shock you that after endless screening that a lot of “ghost workers” were removed from the payrolls according to them, the state is still indebted at all time high and even with disdain some Directors at the Local government levels in Adavi and Yagba West posted their salaries on social media this week and the figure will shock you to be at N22,000 and they are not on any servicing loan…

Dishearteningly, Kogi State has become a “catch out” state as the so-called celebrities who have lost relevance at the national level have now earmarked the state ‘to help loot’ in the name of endorsing a clown in Governance for presidency…

Let us not lost track of this article, if we must resist this white evil against Africa & Asia, it must not end on social media.

Africans should not be used for Clinical trials and African leaders should empower medical sector to develop our own vaccine ( s ) for whatever outbreak that might come our way.

That we don’t even have sufficient power supply to keep the vaccine all time refrigerated at all time temperature low of -12 degree is a pointer to the fact that we need to develop our own vaccine that is suitable to our weather and the level of our infrastructure

Finally, may the soul of the faithfuls departed who are victims of the whites wickedness arising from clinical trials of this pandemic rest in peace!”

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