Opinion: Femi Okafor—The Paranoiac Lawyer Of Paradoxical Rabid Madness By, Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe

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” A Brief Note on Femi Okafor’s State of Insanity

While as a child in Wudil, Kano State, one day as I was being taken back to my Primary School by my mother after being assaulted by my Hausa and Fulani classmates over my refusal to attend the Arabic class, we were confronted by a middle-aged man barking like a dog and charging towards any passer-by.

His mouth was tied with a piece of white cloth as his sympathetic relatives tried to hold him back. I looked at the man and looked back at my mother to say something but before I could open my mouth she dragged away from the spot with such a force that it became more of a matter of maintaining my balance than making further utterance. I did not utter any further word concerning the scenario until we concluded our mission and returned home.

When we got home I was still unsettled with what I saw and asked my mother why the man was barking like a dog and behaving as if he wanted to bite us? She retorted back to me in our language: O bu na I maho na nkita-ala taa, na o tai I gboba kwua ka nkita (Don’t know you know the man was bitten by a mad-dog and if he bites you, you will also start barking like a dog). I immediately exclaimed: Chukwu a ma kwe kwa (God will never permit).

That childhood scenario of over fifty years ago suddenly came to my mind after reading Femi Okafor’s raving intellectual infamy constructed on a shameless paralegal paralogism. In fact as I quickly perused over the said mental trash of a supposed man of the learned legal profession I pictured Mr. Femi Okafor barking horridly like a Raccon dog—a specie of Asian wild dog. I think I would not in the least be faulted if I regard Mr. Femi Okafor as one of the worst legal idiots noted for their notoriety for acute paranoiac paralysis in legal professionalism Nigeria has ever produced.
I had earlier resolved to not to talk to Mr. Femi Okafor again on any subject matter concerning Ibusa.

As I earlier stated to him, if a dog bites a neighbour, does the neighbour so bitten complain to the dog or his owner? That was the question I posed to him when I reminded him of his slave status and in that regard the wide social distance between both of us. As I clearly informed him, I better discuss his matter with the Obi Chigbue Ajie family who bought his Grandfather from Ogbo-Olie Slave Market, Cable-Point Asaba. Beyond his slave origin, you Mr. Femi Okafor unknown to many people except his very close family members suffers from momentary mild-madness which is rooted in rabies virus infection he contacted as a child from a mad-dog bite. So the question is what is the social or intellectual utility of my continued exchange of words with an insane man of rabid character like?

Furthermore, for those of us who are bona fide Ibusa sons and daughters we are fully aware that under normal and formal occasions in Ibusa Mr. Femi Okafor cannot talk to me with disrespect, he cannot sit close to me or sit on the same seat with me or, talk before me or when I am talking, even if my Odogwu title remains in dispute in his wild and insane imagination. I will be served kola nut, drink and chair before Mr. Femi Okafor in Ibusa in spite of his useless age of “a Fool at 70.”
In psychological sciences, a man of Femi Okafor’s character infected with the mental disorder of paranoia is often characterized by acute systematized delusions founded on self-inflicted persecution or iniquitous sumptuousness. Any man who had had personal contact with Mr. Femi Okafor would have noted these characteristic mental disorder in him, that often tilts towards momentary semi-madness known in Ibusa parlance as Nkonko-Anya, which incidentally is physiognomically reflected in his one partially-dimmed eye. In medical pathology, such morbid state of mental discomfiture could only arise from rabies infection.
Indeed I was reliably informed that Mr. Femi Okafor while in his Primary School days was bitten by a mad dog and he was consequently infected with rabies virus, which although was successfully treated but occasionally reemerges momentarily in form of a rabies-driven madness called Hydrophobia. In medical sciences rabies is an acute infectious, often fatal disease transmissible to man through bite by an infected dog which originates from a virus that attacks the brain and central nervous system. The cumulative effect of this disease on Mr. Femi Okafor could easily be noticed from his characteristic mental disorder which frequently reports a horrible palpitating state of insanity driven by rattle-brain paralysis.
William Langland in his novel titled: Piers Plowman described the like of Mr. Femi Okafor as a ragamuffin—a kind of little demon of no material and spiritual consequences.

A shameless panderer to a strange-woman with morbid reasoning faculty, clothed in precarious conceited social carriage of no customary substance and, above all, a rattish genial social misfit on the pages of Ibusa traditional history, Mr. Femi Okafor remains for all occasions and times an embodiment of bad omen to anybody that associates closely with him.

Mr. Femi Okafor thinks he could evade the venomous sting of a rattle-snake by dancing around naked in the forest of debased morons and social misfits like him. But he forgot that they more he dances the more the rattle-snake rattles to the steps of his insane dance. I raised a legion of questions concerning his obscure genealogy and slave origin within the comity of Isieke families which he has not been able to answer; instead he thinks he could evade such questions by hiding under the obnoxious traditional carpet of the ill-famed Obuzo institution.

What Mr. Femi Okafor fails to understand and refuse to accept is that I am his master intellectually and that neither my school certificate nor any of my four University degrees was acquired through ill-famed process of Evening Programme. Femi Okafor never passed the formal West African School Certificate (WASC) but rather bribed somebody to write his GCE Ordinary Level Examination on his behalf. His Evening Law Programme was in itself a product of bribe-and-pass process, a formed of intellectual criminality currently referred to as “Blocking” in our tertiary institutions. So Mr. Femi Okafor’s educational foundation was constructed on fraud and for that reason he could not rise above intellectual mediocrity. This largely explains why he could not cope with his assumed legal profession but instead shamelessly elected to become an unholy consort to a strange Ijaw mermaid.

I have had the privilege of teaching advanced students of many professions as a lecturer both at the Department of History and International Studies, and Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. These include practicing lawyers, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Sisters, Pastors, Police, the Military and other Paramilitary officers. I can therefore rightly put Femi Okafor in his proper intellectual scale. Going through his wobbling rejoinder I feel ashamed that such a short-sighted yet laborious response should come from a lawyer who passed through six years of tortuous Evening Law Programme and later the Law School.

From my assessment of what Femi Okafor shamelessly put up as rejoinder it is clear to me that he is not intellectually worth the least of my former students. I state this fact with obvious professional dexterity as a historian because every aspect of the legal profession connected with court processes beginning from the drafting of writ of summons which unfortunately Mr. Femi Okafor cannot effectively do, through formal legal arguments, delivery of address, to judgment is predicated on historical precedence.

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However, my only consolation in his characteristic professional debility is that he has no traditional Igbuzo blood in him, being an imported citizen of slave ancestry from Nupeland, otherwise I should have said: “let the sleeping dog lie.” Against this position therefore I am prepared to teach Mr. Femi Okafor some further intellectual lessons in order to prove to him that being the Odogwu of Ibusa is not a traditional promenade for intellectual morons like.

I have quickly perused through his 18-paragraphed horrible diatribe of intellectual emptiness and inverted historical substance. In physics we describe such emptiness in substance as a scalar quantity—a substance in motion with magnitude but lacking in direction; against a vector quantity which has both magnitude and direction. In summary therefore, it is best to describe Mr. Femi Okafor as a scalar quantity in mind, body and spirit. And before reminding him of his unresolved assignment on his slave origin and obscure genealogy let me respond seriatim paragraph by paragraph to his moronic trash.

Matters Arising
From the first paragraph one could see how slowly Mr. Femi Okafor is degenerating to a state of premature senility as a consequence of of his inherent rabid insanity. This is rightly conveyed by his inability to correctly spell the title name: “Odogwu Igbuzo” which he insanely described as “Odogu lbuzo.”

To quote him verbatim in the second paragraph: (“Consider all he said while interpreting the various laws associated with the Obuzor Chieftaincy declaration and you will readily see how ego has led him astray.”)

The question is, should this be all a qualified lawyer of Mr. Femi Okafor’s age and experience say concerning the copious sections of the extant Government laws concerning the Odogwu Igbuzo title I quoted?

Does this not prove my assertion that the man is a mental case? What has my reference to Delta State laws on Chieftaincy title to do with ego?

In his paragraph three, to quote him in part: (“When the people agreed to try a new traditional system of governance, it took the tireless effort and the attention of all the lbuzor leaders of thought several months of consultation, cross fertilization of ideas across the board and at all levels before a workable frame work was arrived at and presented to then State government for approval.”)

The question to Mr. Femi Okafor is, who were the people that worked and agreed to try a new traditional system of government? Definitely Mr. Femi Okafor from his obscure identity was never part of such people neither was the present Obuzo and reaper of that effort Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi.

. I, Dr. Nwankwo Tony Okoboshi Nwaezeigwe, BA (Hons), MA, PhD, DD, was part of those people as both a student activist and Secretary of Ibusa Community Development Union (ICDU) Home Branch that brought the Obuzo institution and therefore I reserve the maximum right to question anything concerning the Obuzo institution. Late Dr. Nwabueze of Mr. Femi Okafor’s adopted Umuezeadiafe kindred of Isieke Village was the President General, while late Professor Arinze was the Vice President General.

Mr. Femi Okafor was no where near the arena of Ibusa politics then even with his many moribund years of age ahead of me. Perhaps the only two persons who could question my account in this respect are Diokpa A. W. O. Inugonum Chigbue of Isieke Village and Chief Austin Izagbo the current President General of ICDU, but they cannot counteract me because they know I am speaking the truth.

In paragraph four, in an attempt to weep more than the bereaved, Mr. Femi Okafor in his maximum state of legal stupidity attempts to delve quite ignorantly into the Odogwu Igbuzo title dispute again, thus he stated in part: (“But before l go on, let us consider how this impostor came into focus. “The Chieftaincy title of Odogwu, a preserve of the Otu Odogwu was held by Chief F.C. Nwanze, who, for some personal reasons, after holding the title for some years, relinquished the title.”)

The question again is why is Mr. Femi Okafor taking Panadol drug for another man‘s headache? If he is appointed as a counsel to those opposed to my title, he knows the right thing to do. If he is wort his salt as a lawyer which he is only on paper, he knows the road to the High or Magistrate Court, instead of developing a running-stomach for what does not concern him customarily, traditionally and legally. His legal profession would tell him that he has no locus standi over the Odogwu of Ibusa dispute.

Mr. Femi Okafor can never be Odogwu of Ibusa in life and death and neither could his relatives and children born and yet unborn come close to claiming the Odogwu of Ibusa title. A man who is customarily bared from taking even the least of the social titles in Ibusa cannot render his opinion to whoever occupies the exalted chieftaincy title of Odogwu Igbuzo.

Mr. Femi Okafor is only an empty drum so far as anything has to do with the title of Odogwu Igbuzo. At best he could go and get drowned in River Niger as a protest to my ascendency. If Mr. Femi Okafor is not suffering from acute rabid insanity, his mere mention of Sir F. C. Nwanze—the former and abdicated Odogwu of Ibusa and, knowing quite well that the said noble man of valour handed over the title to me, should have convinced him of the futility of his traditional dance of shame over the Odogwu Igbuzo title.

Paragraph five is a clear indication that Mr. Femi Okafor is running out of Insulin in his metabolic processes, a cataclysmic situation that might lead to full-blown madness. I pity this man, yet without a modicum of sympathy. “Onye kote o bulu” so sang our music maestro of Anioma Brothers fame Mr. Ogbogu Okonji. Mr. Femi Okafor e kote ga, ya buluzie. Let us hear him: (“Mr. Tony Orji, aka Ntony Nwankewor, aka Ntony Nwaezeigwe and now Odogwutony Nwaezeigwe, a dismissed lecturer from his University of Nigeria Nsuka, and seriously seeking relevance within the lbuzo community readily made himself available and purportedly usurped the office of the Odogwu, even when there was then, in existence, a substantive and subsisting Odogwu in the person of Chief Clement Nwanze.”)

First let me correct his concocted idea of my identity. I was never “Mr. Tony Orji” but rather I was at one time briefly registered in my Primary School as Master Anthony Oji before being changed to Anthony Obi which is my father’s Igbo name. Again, the name “Ntony Nwankewor” is much alien to me as it is to Ibusa. Furthermore, the names “Ntony Nwaezeigwe and Odogwutony are respectively my social media title names. If Mr. Femi Okafor knows what a social media title-name means he shouldn’t be fooling himself in the social media in the manner of a foolish lawyer at 70.

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Once again coming from the point of Mr. Femi Okafor’s ignorance, I remain a bona fide academic staff of University of Nigeria at the Institute of African Studies holding parallel appointment at the Department of History and International Studies. My office is still there intact and my name is still in the nominal list of the academic staff. Mr. Femi Okafor could as well Google my profile or get direct information from University of Nigeria, Nsukka to be properly guided away from his insane stupidity. If Nigeria’s Directorate of State Security (DSS) with whom he and his group of Ibusa internet fraudsters are working to end my life stopped my salary from Abuja, it does not mean my dismissal from the University. And for the information of the likes of Mr. Femi Okafor, even while here in exile I am still working as an academic. They could find out from the last International Conference organized by the Institute of African Studies if I am still active or not.

By Mr. Femi Okafor’s shameless testament, he should have realized that making myself available and purportedly usurping the Odogwu title if that is who claims, clearly proves my relevance not only to my Ezukwu Village but the entire Ibusa Clan given the crop of high quality personalities and the many village that stand solidly behind me.

In paragraph six he merely recounted an unfortunate episode of death in a man’s life thus: (“The brouhaha on who is the authentic Odigwu continued until, unfortunately, Chief Clement Nwanze joined his ancestors.”) This does not require any comment.

In paragraph seven Mr. Femi Okafor asked in much a timid fashion: (“The issue, is was Mr. Ntony Nwaezeigwe duly selected as Odogwu of lbuzo, could there be two Odogwus at the same time?”)

My first answer to the above question is, I was duly selected, appointed and conferred the Odogwu of Ibusa title in accordance with extant customary laws and tradition.

Second, there can be no two Odogwu at the same time and in line with that custom I remain the only Odogwu of Ibusa today.

In paragraph eight one could see how Mr. Femi Okafor was mumbling incoherently like a drowning man over a tradition he knows nothing about. As he put it: (“By arrangement, the office of Odogwu lbuzo is rotatiinal.amongst the federating communities within Otu Odogwu. The late Chief Clement Nwanze hailed from Ezukwu quarters. At his passage, the title shifts to another village, which explains why Umueze is now in the forefront in the search for a new Odogwu for lbuzo.”)

Is it not an irony that somebody who is in no way connected with the Odogwu Igbuzo title would be pontificating on the manner of its succession?

If Mr. Femi Okafor thinks he knows better than those who own the title he should begin by asking Umueze Quarters under what circumstances Sir F. C. Nwanze was allowed to succeed Chief Nwoda Adigwe from the same Ezukwu Quarters?

In paragraph nine Mr. Femi Okafor seems to be throwing in the towel of defeat when he stated in agreement with me thus: (“I read slso where Mr. NTony Nwaezeigwe listed a number if lbuzo leaders of thought who he claimed deserted Obi (Prof.) L. C. Nwaoboshi shortly after his ascension to the throne as the Obuzor of lbuzo. What Mr. Nwaezeigwe failed to tell his readers was the reason for the purported mass exodus of these gentlemen.”

Interesting! Does Mr. Femi Okafor wants me to become an advocate for Obuzo?

Let Ibusa people judge Mr. Femi Okafor in concert with his master Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi from the stinking spittle oozing from his mouth in the name of defence of Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi.

In paragraph ten one could see how Mr. Femi Okafor found himself in a very difficult situation sweating profusely to enumerate to Ibusa people what he considered as the achievements of Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi since his commission as the Obuzo of Ibusa, and that it was for that reason of achievements that the best brains in Ibusa deserted him. I leave the judgment to the good people of Ibusa because so far as I am concerned, in terms of compound and complex intelligence Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi does not match any of those men. The point is that as an academic with little cognitive intelligence Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshhi prefers to work with men of little brain like Mr. Femi Okafor, especially those who lack sentimental ancestral attachment to the overall progress of Ibusa.

Coming to paragraph eleven Mr. Femi Okafor stated: (“It was these amorphous group that Mr. Tony Nwaezeigwe found, and took advantage of their vulnerability in sneaking into the traditional rift between the Obuzor and his adversaries to launch his over ambitious desire to be recognized by proclaiming himself as the Odogwu lbuzo.”)

Under Ibusa tradition there is no other traditional office above the office of the Diokpa Igbuzo.

For Femi Okafor to refer to Otu Diokpa as an amorphous group clearly shows that he is indeed an alien Ibusa indigene, given that the central ideology of being an Ibusa indigene is embodied in the saying: Igwe ka Ani, Okpala Ka Eze (Just as the Heavens are greater than the earth so the Okpala—the Oldest man is greater than the king)

This above equally goes with the saying that “Wa adi elisi Okpala eli ife ozo (After Okpala there is no other title ahead of him).” By their fruits we shall know them.

In paragraph twelve Mr. Femi Okafor attempts to whip up vainglorious sentiment around my purported instinctive insult to Obi Prof Louis Cheluno Nwoboshi.
The fact Mr. Femi Okafor fails to understand is that under Ibusa traditional hierarchy of Office outside the artificial office of Obuzo I am, as the Odogwu of Ibusa Clan superior to the Obuzo of Ibusa and when I speak I speak not as Dr. Nwankwo Tony Okoboshi Nwaezeigwe, but as the the Odogwu of Ibusa, the same authority in the olden days that should made me to cut off his ugly neck.

If Obi Prof Cheluno Nwoboshi and some of his moronic cronies like Mr. Femi Okafor think that the Obuzo institution is an absolute monarchy which cannot be challenged or rebuked, they are day-dreaming.

In paragraph thirteen Mr. Femi Okafor’s evasive and jaundiced analysis of my copious reference to relevant chieftaincy laws shows that he is indeed not only a failed lawyer but a disgrace to the legal profession. Making reference to only the Bendel State Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Edict of 1979 without concurrent reference to the subsisting Delta State Edict proves that he is indeed a legal dunce.

In paragraph fourteen Mr. Femi Okafor in the bid to recreate his failed theory of a bastard now resorted to questioning the esoteric spirituality of my birth. He talks of three men struggling over my paternity and attempts to correlate it with the 21st Century. The point is that I was born in the 20th and not in the 21st century and so what obtained in the 20th century cannot be the same with what obtains in the 21st century. The fundamental fact about my birth is that I was neither born a bastard nor a slave like Mr. Femi Okafor. The imatter of who was my real father among the three men is neither within my powers to decide nor within the authority of the mad and raving rag-tag lawyer called Femi Okafor to conjecture. He is at best a mentally deranged loafer who is seeking recognition by attempting to pull the Lion by the jaws.

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In paragraph fifteen, Mr. Femi Okafor attempted to seek infantile refuge behind the death of his wife twenty-two years ago.

Femi Okafor failed to tell us when he finished his Evening Law Programme and at what point between the death of his wife and the time he finished his law Programme he got into contact with the strange Ijaw woman.

It is on record that Mr. Okafor had already abandoned his wife and went into obnoxious concubinage with the Ijaw strange woman before the death of his wife. It was indeed believed that it was Femi Okafor’s heartless abandonment that caused his wife the heart-attack that consequently led to her death.

It is ridiculous that Mr. Femi Okafor could gloss over such wetly allegation that he is of slave ancestry. Building a house on the mud house of his Grandfather confirmed my assertion that his Grandfather was a slave to Obi Chigbue Ajie and it was for that reason his father was refused permission to build a new house on the same site until Femi Okafor mobilized the sympathy of the members of Idumu Obi kindred who his father had decided to seek adoption to after escaping Obi Chigbue Ajie’s sacrificial burial in 1940.

Mr. Femi Okafor has also failed after diligently going through my write-up to give us his genealogical tree, not even a fake one for that matter, as attempted by Mr. Awele Azimo, to confirm that he is not of slave origin as I claimed and still claim. Let him even stop at telling us who his Great Grandfather was.

Mr. Femi Okafor should as well tell us why he was not granted an access road for his car to his so called Grandfather’s hut, if not for the fundamental reason that he is an alien among the indigenes of Isieke Village?

Paradoxically, I have watched Mr. Femi Okafor sweating profusely to redefine my identity through change of names both rightly and wrongly, but I cannot understand why he found it difficult to address the issue of his Yoruba name in the same way he laboured in my case. As the saying goes, do we now say that since silence means consent Mr. Femi Okafor has accepted my assertion that his real father was a Yoruba man who actually named him Femi, which conclusively made him a double-barreled illegitimate indigene of Ibusa—ra bastard on one angle and in another angle a slave.

In paragraph sixteen, Mr. Femi Okafor attempts to whip up vile infantile sentiment over my suggestion that under the original traditional set-up of Ibusa Clan that he should have been tied up in an isolated room waiting to be sacrificed for the burial of Obi Senator Nosike Ikpo. But that is the fact. Is Mr. Femi Okafor’s life worth more than the countless freeborn citizens that are being killed by Fulani herdsmen? In fact if Fulani kidnappers would allow people to choose those that are qualified to be customarily kidnapped based on their uselessness to their society, Mr. Femi Okafor would be among the first persons to be handed over to the Fulani kidnappers even at no price.

In paragraph seventeen Mr. Femi Okafor describes me as a fraud. To state in his words: (“I could go on and on to convince the world that Mr. Tony Orji, aka NTony Nwankwor, NTony Nwaezeigwe and now, Odogwutony Nwaezeigwe is nothing but a fraud, not totally different from the so-called lbuzo fraudster whom he laboriously painted unworthy of the Chieftaincy title of Odogwu lbuzo.”)

Referring to me as a fraud is laughable because my pedigree of principle, sincerity and selflessness, as well as my astute professional inclination as a historian are well known in Ibusa and the world beyond. Indeed without consciously being aware I am already constructing Mr. Femi Okafor as a subject matter of Ibusa traditional historical studies for future references, and indeed by the time I transform all we are writing presently into a book, then he will realize that I am not a fraud.

I have consistently made Mr. Femi Okafor to realize that we are not mates both in contemporary and traditional terms. By Ibusa traditional status definition he is an Aka-Ikolo, what the Igbo of the East Niger define as Ofeke—a titleless man of no social consequence, not even with his redundant law degree. Mr. Femi Okafor does not even hold Mkpisi title—the only social title a freeborn of Ibusa is permitted by custom to hold in his father’s life time. He is at best an abandoned dog by his Obi Chigbue Ajie original owners who attempts to seek relevance through unsolicited association with the failed Obuzo artificial traditional institution.

To prove to Mr. Femi Okafor that he is far below my status at home, Nigeria, and international level, I am posting the following YouTube channels for him to see the wide intellectual disparity between two of us:

“SOUTHERN KADUNA KILLINGS: Genocide, Land Grabbing or Communal Violence—Nwaezeigwe on Southern Kaduna Killings” August 6, 2020 https://youtube.be/AA3cm0J-9s4

“NWAEZIGWE ON SECURITY SITUATION” Pt3 www.channelstv.com/https://youtube.be/ridnkjNdL.Xc

Life and Thought—Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe, Global University for Sustainability, 2015103

Dr. Tony Nwaezeigwe on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra, Sherlock Security Bureau

UNN Pro-Chancellor : Senior Lecturer, Alumnus Disagree, Channels Television

Dr. Nwaezeigwe Shares his Experience of Religious Persecution in Nigeria, YouTube.com/watch/Graphic Online

Mr. Femi Okafor should also take his time to Google the following names for his instructive respect:
Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe
Dr. Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe
Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe
Dr. Tony Nwaezeigwe
Nwankwo T. Nwaezeigwe
Odogwu Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe
Tony Nwaezeigwe

In the last paragraph, Mr. Femi Okafor unknowingly in the attempt to portray my character in bad light ended up revealing to the world his debased character which had earlier been elaborated on previous sections. He concluded by seeking relief from one Sheikh d Sheriff for the approval of what he considers as his star exposition.

As Odogwu of Ibusa I do not need the approval of anybody to pontificate on Mr. Femi Okafor’s madness, which is what I have exactly done. Meanwhile I am on a stand-by for whatever trash Mr. Femi Okafor is prepared to reel out again. I dey gudu gbam.

Nwankwo Tony Nwaezeigwe, PhD, DD
Odogwu of Ibusa Clan, Delta State, Nigeria
Senior Research Fellow & Lecturer, Institute of African Studies, & Department of History and International Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nsukka
First Ag. Director, Centre for Igbo Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
E-mail: odogwuibsa@gmail.com

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