Fraudster: Technology Expert Uncovers The Identity Of The 22 Years Old Nigerian, Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, Who Is Defrauding Millions Of People Online

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Two months investigation of cyber crime expert has uncovered the identity of the 22 years old Nigerian, Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, a notorious fraudster who is defrauding millions of people online.

Briefing journalists at Abuja on Thursday being 6th May, 2021, one Mr Ugwu Tochukwu who happened to be a victim of Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma’s fraudulent business said, “the culprit who is on the run claimed he is from Edo state Nigeria”.

When group of Journalists collectively asked Mr Ugwu Tochukwu how he became a victim of Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma’s fraudulent business, he narrated thus:
” It was on 15th February 2021 around 4:30pm Mr Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, the fraudster tagged me on my Facebook account, displaying items like: iPhone, Watching Machines, Electric Stove, Wristwatches, Laptops of all kinds plus other electronic items claiming they are up for sales.

On seeing the advertisement, I quickly called Mr Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, ( the notorious fraudster ) on the numbers on his flyers ( 08060762873, 08139799638, ) why he tagged me with his advertisement, he quickly responded with a remorseful voice that HE knew me duringĀ  NYSC Programme

On mentioning NYSC programme, I became weak and sober because in my instinct, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to know every corps member during NYSC programme as a whole lot of them I often meet on social media do not equally recognise me as well.

To cut the long story short, at the end, we both apologized to each other and settled for business as I was anxious to patronise someone I thought he was one of my own.

Coincidentally, I needed a laptop that time and he agreed to sell fairly used APPLE LAPTOP for me at the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira ( N150,000 ) only.

Later in the evening that same day around 10:42pm, he sent me his account details as: Account Name: Adebayo Sado John, Account Number: 1446419362 Bank Name: Access Bank and I innocently transferred the sum of ninety thousand Naira ( N90,000 ) only as part payment with a promise to balance the money on delivery to Minna Motor Pack, the following day which was 16th February 2021.

In order to have confidence in him, he sent me a Driver’s number ( 09134485421 ) who will deliver the laptop to me and thereafter I would send the balance of sixty thousand Naira ( N60,000) only to the disguised fraudster, Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma and when I called the Driver’s number, one hand, someone picked instantly claiming he is the Driver that he is supposed to deliver the laptop to him that he has already stored my number.

Unknown to me however, the so-called Driver was one of Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma’s fraudster sydicates who was also with him when we were both carrying out transaction. ‘So, it was collectively masterminded’.

The following day which was on 16th February 2021, as I was expectant, I started calling Driver from around 12 noon and he was excitingly busy responding that he was on his way that he would soon arrive.

Till evening around 7pm he didn’t arrive and I reverted calling Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, the fraudster, telling him of the development, and behold, he told me to forget about the business that he has succeeded in scamming me…

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It was like a dream! ‘Scam’, I couldn’t believe myself but later composed myself and went to a nearby Police Station to report what has happened”.

Asking further, journalists also demanded to know how cyber crime expert has helped in this situation, Ugwu Tochukwu explained more:
” Not undermining what Nigeria Police force can do, while they are going on with how the culprit can be arrested, I engaged a service of a cyber crime expert to expose the identity of this notorious fraudster call, Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma and the following revelations came out.
1. That his real name is Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma not “Adebayo Sado John”
2. That Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma account details with Access Bank which has Account Name: Adebayo Sado John and Account Number: 1446419362 is fake as the said account is not linked to any BVN.
3. That Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma’s real account is with Zenith bank as: Account Name:
Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, Account Number: 2283064087
4. That his BVN is: 22569106236 and the phone number he uses to receive alert is : 09069136159
5. That Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma also transfers money to his friend account with FCMB as Account Name: Galadima Sadiq Muhammed, Account Name: 3142675589.
6. That Emmanuel Aghoho Udoma Uses the following phone numbers for his fraudulent transaction: 07037409637, 08060752873, 08139799638 and 09134485421
7. That Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma uses more than fifty seven different names on social media and whenever he succeeds in defrauding anyone, he quickly deactivate his account…

In summary, journalists asked Ugwu Tochukwu why the publication instead of allowing police to finish their job, he responded thus:
“Available information from my Cyber Crime Expert, revealed that Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, the fraudster is still defrauding alot of innocent Nigerians on daily basis.

Hence, the idea of this press briefing is to expose his unholy business activities to Nigerians and other institutions like: EFCC, DSS, Edo State Government, and other relevant institutions to join hands in bringing this miscreant to book.

Though, I lost Ninety thousand Naira only to him but I won’t mind spending millions of Naira in making sure that Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, the fraudster is brought to book.
Finally, I appealed to all Nigerians to continue to share this publication on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, WordPress, Pinterest and all other social media platforms until Emmanuel Aghogho Udoma, the Fraudster is arrested and executed”.

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