Testimony: Pastor Faith Oyedepo Testifies How God Is Blessing Her Marriage

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Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo, the wife of  General Overseer ( Bishop David Oyedepo) of Living Faith Churches world wide has testified how God has been so kind to her and her family since she married almost 40 years ago.

Speaking at the Encounter night at Sago Ota day 5, -Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo thanked God for giving her Bishop David Oyedepo as a husband testifying that since she got married to him, she has never had reason to regret the marriage stressing that it has been one blessing to others.

Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo who pointed at many instances to testify God’s faithfulness in her marriage has this to say:

She continues: “I remember how we used to eat beans and drink garri at night in order to avoid breakfast the next day.

Tonight, I count it a great privilege to be given the opportunity to stand here, to share my testimony and to let the whole world know again that I and my entire family, we have been greatly imparted and we are beneficiaries of the Liberation Mandate. In other words, as it working for other people out there, it is working also for us at home.

I met God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo in the 70s and subsequently, by 1976, the issue of marriage came up and like we saw in that documentary, by September the same year, sitting right at the back of the Church building, I can never forget, we had to sign that document captioned ‘Sailing under Sealed Orders.’ In summary, the document says, “Jesus Christ is either Lord of all or not Lord at all.”

He said to me, even before the Mandate was delivered, “whatever Jesus says is final. Do you agree?” and I said “Yes.”
“In case I am preaching somewhere and they happen to cut my hand, will you still be ready to marry such a man?”
They were scary words but somehow I wasn’t afraid. I had peace in my heart, signed document and then the journey began.

Fast forward to 1981, the Mandate was delivered and from that moment forward, my life has never been the same.
Spiritually, my life has been greatly affected. God through this Commission has helped my understanding of the Word of God. Church Gist. I used to be a very shy person, but to the glory of God today, there is no crowd that scares me.
My prayer life has been tremendously affected positively. Like I mentioned, like you saw in the documentary, I happen to be privileged of God to be in the Power House in 1981.
To the glory of God, that has greatly affected my prayer life. Now, when I stand to pray, it is like the time is always too short. I enjoy it like food, I enjoy it like drinking water, I enjoy it like breathing.

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My health, what will I say? I know that among other things, I am alive today and well, God helping me to be a living proof of the Liberation Mandate. Many of you have read my Testimony Book captioned ‘Rescued from Destruction’. Throughout that trying time, physically, it was very scary but God’s servant kept telling me, “you shall not die, you will live. We shall keep preaching the gospel together, going to the ends of the earth”, pumping the Word of Faith into my life.

I can never forget when it looked like everything was turning the other way round, he knelt by my bed side; prayed and said, “God, prove that You sent me.” Here I am today, alive and well to the glory of God. Praise God.
To the family, 1982, August, I won’t tell you the date, we got married. Amen. Then God by His special mercies, without tears, without crying around, blessed us with 4 children.

Today, I have to cut it short, because if I am to keep speaking, we won’t leave here today. Today, to the glory of God, 4 of them, all of the biological children that God gave us, we didn’t have problems with any of them. They all love God, they all serve God, they are all happily married and God has given us great grandchildren who also love God and are living to please Him.

In case you are believing God for the fruit of the womb, your case is settled.
You are believing God for a wonderful wife or husband, tonight, your case is settled because the God of Liberation is at work again.
Very importantly, I need to mention here that over these years: this year makes it 45 years since God’s servant and I agreed to marry.

Next year makes it 40 years that we have been married. In all of these 40 years, we have enjoyed peace in our marriage. I have never had an occasion to regret my marriage. Rather, it has been progress and blessings and abundance.

Financially, we have never lacked. I have told you several testimonies and stories in the days of new beginning when the money was usually very, very ‘plenty.’ When our first child was born, it was in the days of essential commodity and usually when I get home, when I get my salary when I used to work then and earn. I would get home, give my salary to him and he said to me, “God spoke to me that we should give this all out as a seed.” The question then was, “how was the baby going to eat? How are we going to eat?”

And of course then, even if we had the money, the baby food was very scarce, but I believed God because I have learnt to trust Him. Remember, years before then, I already signed the document.

Miraculously, someone came to our home and brought cartons of baby food. We never lacked and we had to give a lot of them out because we couldn’t use them all.
On and on.

The days when there wasn’t even money to buy meat, to buy fish, God gave me wisdom. Whatever was available, I was able to put it together and then in the night most times, you take beans, drink garri on top: in the morning no need for breakfast, it is just solid, concrete, keep moving. But today, see what God has done.

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Please help me give Jesus Christ a big clap offering.
Finally, I want to say here that the Word of God works and the Liberation Mandate has imparted my life, my family spirit, soul and body in every way.

I want to say a big appreciation to God’s servant openly tonight, Bishop David Oyedepo, for God giving me the privilege to have you as my husband. I say a big appreciation to the Almighty God for His goodness, His mercy, His faithfulness. Amen.

Thank you all. God bless you all, please be seated.
Someone’ testimony shall be greater and the future shall be bright. You will get there. Give the Lord a big clap offering”.

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