#SocialMedia: How To Access Twitter & Other #SocialMedia From Any Country Regardless Of Ban Or Restriction By Sani Michael Omakoji

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Abuse of #SocialMedia  and derogatory languages leading to threat to lives have recently affected the operation of social media.

This development has affected online business promotion thereby crippling its expansion and its scope of operation.

It is against this background that we call on our reliable columnist, Sani Michael Omakoji  to tell us how to operate #socialmedia in an area where there is restriction.

In what he titles: How To Access Twitter & Other #SocialMedia From Any Country Regardless Of Ban Or Restriction, Sani Michael Omakoji writes thus:

“Recently, some Nations of the world have censored social media particularly to include Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

This censorship in some occasions is attributed to abuse of the platform leading to “fake news” or an attempt by authority to clamp down “freedom of expression”.

By and large, this development has affected so many young breed of Entrepreneurs who use #socialmedia to sell their products and services.

For example, more than twenty eight million online businesses have been affected following the “Twitter Ban In Nigeria”.

Recall that Twitter has recently deleted  President Muhammadu Buhari’s  tweet that its considered it ” as a threat to human lives and in reaction, the federal government of Nigeria has banned twitter operation in Nigeria.

While many have considered the federal government of Nigeria’s action as an affront others have applauded the move as they are of the opinion that #socialmedia must be moderated or regulated to curb the high rate of fake news or abuse of the platforms.

Amidst these mix feelings, businesses who thrive online have suffered setback in the areas of marketing and expansion.

However, this setback can be addressed by social media users if they embark on the following.

1. Social media users who wish to continue to sell or operate #Socialmedia like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should go to their Android phone and downland “VPN Apps” from playstore
2. After downloading “VPN Apps”, install it and fill in the dialogue box.
3. Go to the ” setting ” of the phone and put on “Location”.
4. Launch the “VPN Apps” and select country of your choice.

When all these steps are taken, one would be able to access Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Accounts that are hitherto banned.

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