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Cubana: Father Kelvin Ugwu Gives Reasons Why You Must Make Money At Your Own Pace.

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Father Kelvin Ugwu has given reasons why one must not be under pressure to make money as people make money for different reasons.

Father Kelvin dropped this hint while reacting to the ongoing Cubana act of extravagant who has buried his mother with gold casket and money spent on unprofitable ventures while many Nigerians languish in squalor and poverty.

Father Kelvin Ogwu ‘s reaction that has attracted many comments on social media goes thus:
“There are different reasons why people make money. There are those whose intention for making money is simply to intimidate. They derive pleasure in making others feel intimidated by their wealth.

You can admire their efforts in making money and draw inspiration if need be, but never allow them to make you feel as though not having their kind of money is a sign that you are worthless or inferior.

Let me give these examples:

Soon, you will be reading how Cubana and friends have raised 500 million naira in two hours.

How they bought five hundred live cows and ordered truck loads of Hero beer and other drinks.

You will soon hear that the casket for the burial is 30 million naira. . .and that it is made of gold.

You will be seeing pictures and videos of them spraying money as though it is a competition on who will be the first to get tired of spraying.

You will see them drive on convoys, they will drive pass you on that local and untarred road in your street, they will raise dust and make you feel like dust.

Please, guard yourself. Guard your mind. Reject that spirit making you feel worthless or pushing you to think you must be like them to be happy.

Run far away from that friend who does not appreciate your genuine struggle and sincerity in making money simply because you are not spraying money like how they are doing in Oba.

Nothing kills like unnecessary pressure, unnecessary competition, unnecessary comparisons and unnecessary quest to impress.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you. These same people trying to intimidate you are just seeking for relevance. . . They are constantly looking for avenue to show off and that is why even during burial they don’t mind.

It tells you something. . .it tells you that it is not so much about wealth or spraying monies. . . Rather it is about a void or a lack we all have.

You will notice this in the temporary pleasure they derive from being seen as wealthy, being hailed and called names. . .the excitement it gives them to watch half naked girls scramble for their 200 naira notes.

It makes them feel good. But Inside, they are dealing with their own demons, their own voids, just like everyone of us. . . only that in their case, they are masking it with naira notes and chieftaincy titles.

Work hard, but work at your pace”.

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