SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd Makes “Energy Supply” Affordable For All Nigerians

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SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd, Marketed by OMAKOGI BUSINESS VENTURES has announced its basic power supply to be as low as N185,000.

Speaking with OurWorldGist, the Public Relation Officer of the company, Mr Ugwu Tochukwu said, “as a new company with interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart, we are determined to make solar energy available for all Nigerians through our price rate that is second to non”.

While some companies are charging as high as N540,000 for 50watt of energy, our company, SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd is charging as low as N185,000 for 100watt of energy”.

He further stressed that, “all Nigerians deserve good life with all the social amenities which electricity is inclusive and upon this assertion,we are doing everything possible within our capacity to make energy supply affordable for all Nigerians irrespective of their classes”.

Part of his background statement reads:
” In August 2001 one Telecommunication company identified as “Yellow Company” came into Nigeria from South Africa and she was selling simcard for N35,000 and even more because of the monopoly its was enjoying.

This exploitation continues until 2003 when Nigerian Company, GloCom changed the narrative and started selling the same simcard for N500 and later N100 and even free at a point.

As if “Yellow Company” has not learnt its lesson of exploitation from GloCom in a hard way, is come up again and is selling one “Yellow Box” ( Luminous ) for N540,000 with a claim that this “Yellow Box” can generate “Solar Light”, for 24/7

Similarly, DSTV from the same South Africa has been in the business of exploiting Nigerians since 1999 as they say “pay as you go subscription” which other African countries are enjoying is not possible in Nigeria.

This implies that when a subscriber by emergency or paraventure is not around to use his or her subscription ( voucher ), after one month, the subscription automatically expired.

One may wonder what gives audacity to these aforementioned companies to perpetuate this evil in Nigeria unhindered? Well, the answer is simple as we have poor system with weak Institutions where those who dare to question ‘leadership docility’ are prone to ‘social engineering’.

While TStv, another Nigerian company recently emerged that “pay as you go subscriptions” with low tariff rates are possible, another Company, SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd has also come through to make Nigerians understand that, they can get something better than “Yellow Box”, for as low as N185,000 as against N540,000 which ” Yellow Company ” is offering.

Is this meant for demarketing? No! but a way of telling Nigerians that they do have better option for these services via SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd and TStv as against”Yellow Company & DSTV who are known for exploitations.

For SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd service in particular, call or chat any of the number displayed on the picture below for immediate response”.

SMO-PEE Solar Nigeria Ltd, is a new solar energy in Nigeria that is making its product affordable for all.

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