Austin Usman Okai: An Undying Man With A Rising Profile Of An Eagle

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According to one of Nigerian Popular Singers, Patoranking in one of his trending songs, he says ” Celebrate Me Now  That I am Alive, No Be Say When I Don Die, You Go Dey Fake Am For My Wife…”

For those who do not understand Nigerian broken English, what above expression literarily means is that, ‘it is more beneficial and rewarding to celebrate someone while alive than to do that after his or her demise’.

In hearkening to the gospel of Patoranking, it is not praise singing or lips service therefore, to celebrate Austin Usman Okai Cna now that he is alive than faking it for “UFEDO B” after he is long God.

Let me digress a little to Igala’s saying that says: ” May he die, CANNOT be a prayer or a wish that will bring death to someone so soon” … but the bottom line is that, every living soul is indebted to death and we shall all taste it one day no matter the years of our longevity.

At this point, let me go spiritual and declare on behalf of Austin Usman Okai that, may he not taste death in his prime time, he shall live to see his children’s, children in good health, abundance of wealth and of sound mind in the name of the most High God. Amen.

Now before we explain Austin Usman Okai whom we introduced as an EAGLE in our headline, let us understand what is an EAGLE.

According to the presiding Bishop of Chapel of Freedom Churches world wide, Dr. John Ibenu ( Jp), in one of his unforgettable sermons till Christ comes, he says, “An EAGLE is an extraordinary bird who is ever awake, adventurous, determined, painstaking, fearless, confident, calm, calculative and ever courageous to take risk and bear the consequence”.

In case, you want to check your circular Dictionary or Wikipedia to be sure of the above definition, you will be shock that both Dictionary and Wikipedia will disappoint you as that definition can only come from a man like Bishop John Ibenu, led by God.

Back to our definition, we could see that, An EAGLE is an extraordinary bird who is ever awake, adventurous, determined, painstaking, fearless, confident, calm, calculative and ever courageous to take risk and bear the consequence”.

The adjectives used ‘sincerely and faithfully’ without exaggeration describe the person of Austin Usman Okai

For example, Austin Usman Okai, became the mouth piece and the defender of justice when there was a reign of terror in Kogi State; it was a period workers in Kogi State were sacked indiscriminately and few left in service were not paid their salaries as at when due and as a result, scores of civil servants death were recorded.

This was the period Kogi State Government led by  Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello introduced an endless workers screening that lasted throughout his first tenure and part of his second tenure.

This period, nobody dares to talk or challenge the authority of Bello as his deputy, Onojah, made himself a small god who used the then Data Boys recruited by him to help him scout out for whoever criticises their satanic reign.

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It may interest us to know that Austin Usman Okai being a fearless and courageous man like an EAGLE, put his life online to challenge this evil authority and it was a self undertaking transaction that earned him series of arrests with the use of social engineering by the state government.

Infact, is by destiny that Austin Usman Okai is still among the living today else, according to their plan, he should have been long forgotten in the history of human existence.

As if that fit was not enough, Austin Usman Okai, is one of the notable Nigerians who champions the campaign of “NEW ELECTORAL ACT LAW”, that has generated alot of awful debate among political elites and scholars all around Nigeria as the body language of Mr President doesn’t suggest willingness to sign the act.

Thank God that the effort of this fearless man, Austin Usman Okai and that of other Nigerians yielded a positive result as Mr President bowed to pressure on 24th February, 2022 to sign the much anticipated ” ELECTORAL ACT LAW”.

Once again, kudos to Okai, an undying man with the rising profile of an EAGLE.

As if that is not enough also, Austin Usman Okai, has severally criticised extravagant and youth exuberant of Governor Bello Yahaya and Edward Onojah that has brought about poverty, under development and economic retrogression to Kogi State.

This Austin Usman Okai does using both print media and traditional media with his own hard earn meagre resource.

One outstanding quality of Austin Usman Okai is that he is so companionate and kind hearted that he can empty his bank account for his fellow human being irrespective of the gender, tribe , religious inclination or region – No wonders, others say, ” he is a humane and detribalized Nigerian with hunger and passion to lead his people right.

Note, because, I, Sani Michael Omakoji , the author of this article mentioned “profile” in my opening savvy, so many people who are reading this piece are agitated to read about abridge version of biography of Austin Usman Okai, and I will state that after the next paragraph.

In this sense, we shall highlight Austin Usman Okai’s early life, his educational background, work experience, achievements and awards, political experience, his faith and philosophy as well as his family and hobbies.

‘Early Life:
Austin Usman Okai was born on 1st August 1985 into the family of Mr. and Mrs Francis Yahaya Usman.
He hails from Emewe Opada in Biraidu district of Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi state, Nigeria.
The young Austin was raised by his grandfather, Alhaji Usman Adaji Abocho in Emewe-Opada, a very successful business man and later joined his father at Emewe Opada shortly after the demise of his grandfather.

Educational Background
Austin Usman Okai attended Roman Catholic Primary School Emewe Opada in Biraidu district of Dekina local government.
He later went on to attend Ofoji Community Secondary School Emewe-Opada before proceeding to Our Lady Of School OLS Anyigba for his Senior Secondary School Education where he obtained his SSCE.
His quest for academic advancement later took him to Federal Polytechnic, Idah, where he did his National Diploma in Accountancy.
He did his compulsory Industrial Attachment at the department of operations of the defunct Intercontinental Bank, PLC Wuse, Abuja and subsequently proceeded to acquire his Higher National Diploma in Accountancy from Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.

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Work Experience:
Austin Usman Okai in the course of his occupational journey joined Oceanic Bank where he worked from 2007-2008 before moving to Bank PHB where he worked from 2008 to 2019 before going ahead to further his education.
Austin Usman Okai upon completion of his Higher National Diploma began his foray into the world of activism and citizen journalism.
In the course of his social and political activism, Austin Usman Okai has been politically persecuted as he has been in and out of detention.
As a social crusader, he has refused to be intimidated and has continued to speak truth to power using his various influential social media pages and when need be, organized protest and press conferences.
He is generally considered as the most vocal and influential activist from Kogi state.
His frequent critique of the monumental maladministration of the state perpetuated by the administration of Gov Yahaya Bello has led to him being detained and as won him huge followership within the state and beyond for his courage to speak when others are scared to.
His conviction that a diversified public information space is good for democracy and freedom of speech therein led to the creation of Observers Times – an online news platform dedicated towards developmental and insightful journalism.
Today, Observers Time under his watch as the Editor in Chief is one of Nigeria’s leading online news platforms.

Austin Usman Okai is a member, Association of National Accountants of Nigeria.
Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (ICPAN).
He is an Honorary Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Professionals of Nigeria. Institute of Certified Cyber Security & Digital Forensic Analyst, USA .He holds a certificate of appointment as a senior officer, Situation Room and Logistics.

In celebration of the United Nation Humanitarian day, he was awarded the SDGs Pillar of Humanitarian Award for his exemplary performance in promoting and supporting UN’s Sustainable Development and for his dedication in uplifting humanity by the UN Economic and Social Council (Special Advisory Council on Social Development Commission).
In a nutshell, Comrade Austin Usman Okai Cna has received numerous other AWARDS and RECOGNITIONS from different groups and organizations within and outside the country.

Some photos of Awards Received By Comrade Austin Usman Okai At Different For a

Some photos of Awards Received By Comrade Austin Usman Okai At Different Fora

Political Experience:
Okai became politically active in 2014 when he served as Member Electoral Committee, PDP National Convention in recognition of his contribution to the party especially through a group he founded, the People’s Democratic Party National Youths Frontier. Okai’s star continued to rise within the party as he was given the additional task of being part of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization member charged with the responsibility of organizing Civil Society Group and Party support group for President Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo second term election in 2015.
In 2018, he was a Member PDP National Convention Media Committee and later, Spokesperson Atiku/Obi campaign organization Kogi state 2019.
He was the Spokesperson for the PDP during Kogi state gubernatorial election in 2019.
He served as Member PDP National Convention Media Committee 2021.
He is the National Coordinator of the PDP National Youths Frontier. Member Technical Committee PDP E-media Registration 2021.

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Austin Usman Okaikai’s Philosophy:
Okai is an repentant believer in democracy as he believes undoubtedly in democracy as the only vehicle in actualizing positive transformation of society.

Austin Usman Okai’s Faith:
Austin Usman Okai is a devoted Christian and a Roman Catholic.
His faith in God is what motivates him to better society. He believes we were created by God to be a positive agent of change by touching lives and drawing people closer to God.

Austin Usman Okai’s Family:
Okai is happily married and blessed with two beautiful and intelligent children.

Okai has traveled to different countries of the world. To him, traveling is an integral part of learning. By traveling we learn, relearn and unlearn.

Okai loves reading, traveling, football and Athletics”

From the revealing fact above it is not out place to say therefore that Austin Usman Okai is undying Man with not just a rising profile of an EAGLE but an ANGLE in the making.

Sani Michael Omakoji
Social Commentator
City Centre Abuja – Nigeria

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