Russian New Nuclear Weapon

#UkraineInvasion: Russia Showcases Nuclear Weapon Capable Of Destroying The World In 5 Minutes As USA Throws Support For Ukraine

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As #UkraineInvasion by Russia continues, Russian Government has on Sunday night being 26th February 2022 displayed a new nuclear weapon which its claimed is capable of destroying the whole world in five minutes.

President Putin of Russia disclosed this to the world press while warning United State of American (USA), to immediately withdraw her support from Ukraine.

The Nuclear Weapon on display which looks like the newly lunched        Newly lunched Aeroplane that has all the luxuries in a five star hotel was described by Putin as the world destroyer.

Russian New Nuclear Weapon

Russian New Nuclear Weapon

Meanwhile, USA has vowed to kick against #UkraineInvasion by Russia saying Russian government led by Putin has violated human rights and therefore must be brought to justice.

From media investigation, the world in its entirety has condemned #UkraineInvasion by Russia describing Putin as a Carnivorous being who has no human sympathy.

OurWorldGist further gathered three reasons why #UkraineInvasion by Russia continue to include:

1. To Stop Ukraine from joining NATO
According to report, NATO which means the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is an intergovernmental military alliance whose aim is “to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means”. We believe that Russia sees Ukraine joining NATO as a threat to its borders. That is because it will allow the NATO member Nations which include the US to set up a military base close to their border. Russia doesn’t want that as there has always been a lack of trust between them and the US.

2. To effect a regime change in Ukraine:
Another possible reason why they are carrying out the invasion may be to effect a regime change in Ukraine. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in support of his country joining NATO. One way Russia could stop that could be to take control of Ukraine and install someone that doesn’t have the same visions as Zelenskyy as President.

3. To expand their territory:
Before commencing the invasion, Russia first announced that they have recognized the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic in Eastern Ukraine as independent states. Therefore, one of the reasons for their invasion of Ukraine could be to install leaders in the two “independent states” who will then be their allies.
That will reduce the territory NATO will occupy if Ukraine eventually succeeds in joining them.

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