Theobarth Grant Disbursement: Apostle Amb Ebony Gives Update.

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The founder of  Theobarth Foundation  , Apostle Ebony has given update through a conversation between him and Mrs Okotie.

In the conversation posted on a telegram, Mrs Okotie revealed that Apostle Ebony, has disclosed that the delay in disbursement is not just from Grantors but also blamed it on Nigerian system that is full of administrative bottleneck and corruption on the part of subscribers.

Mrs Okotie said, Apostle Ebony also made a fresh observation that the issue of record duplication by some NGOs is majorly responsible for the delay in disbursement.

Mrs Okotie added that even when Apostle Ebony acknowledged the fact that he has dealt with this issue of name and account duplications in the past, “some individuals took advantage of the manual system in place, and still register with more than twenty NGOs.

She added that this was discovered via BVN at the point of crediting each individual.

Mrs Okotie, further said that, from all indication, Apostle Ebony is working tirelessly to disburse the money to genuine beneficiaries adding that if there is no money to disburse, Apostle Ebony who has his Church in Mararaba Abuja, will not involve himself in this kind of ‘game’ for so long.

Meanwhile, OurWorldGist will not rest to update you until this grant is disbursed or liars behind this invisible grant are exposed.

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