Nigerians Give Theobarth Grant Rather Than Otherwise – Says Isaac Saar

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Another Theobarth grant Subscriber, Isaac Saar, has said, Nigerians are the ones giving Theobarth grant as there is no grant any where by Theobarth to disburse.

Isaac made this assertion in his short write up as written below:
” We are the ones giving him grant: He and his fallen angels.

Theophilus is not a man of God as many people do think.

I have withdrawn from the race because I personally paid 250,000 Naira to him to become a director during the time of SEM.

The same Theo. that vowed to disburse SEM later came up with Theobarth.

Most people paid for what he named ‘community project’.

It was 17,000 Naira for the project. His NGO then was ‘Shalon Praise’.

Beneficiaries paid 2000 Naira to get certificate as a member.

We didn’t understand it then. What has membership certificate to do with the so called grant?

I used to send money into his personal bank account on daily basis and It wasn’t a small amount of money.

Later, God opened my eyes to see it clear. I withdrew from it.

I blame the government for keeping quiet.

The government is part of the scam. NGOs are also part of it.

They won’t be happy to see my write-ups but soon the Truth will come out.

The same so-called men of God came out with so many grants: SEM, Telpecon, golden bridge, Hosea, in fact I can’t name them all.

How many have disbursed so far?

These people are another group of trained Yahoo guys. People should better understand it now.
But their end is near.

I have my evidences and proof”.

Recall that OurWorldGist has been following this news in the last two years and still counting until the truth prevailed.

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