Messi : “Stop Making Comparison, Ronaldo Is The Real Goat”

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The argentile captain, Leo Messi has said that there is no need to compare him with Christian Ronaldo, saying that Ronaldo is a great player of unmatched qualities.

Messi who was reluctant in addressing press men whether Christian Ronaldo sent him congratutory message for qualifying for final in Qatar 2022 world cup dropped this comment shortly after the training session with his team mates on Saturday morning.

Messi said, ” I appreciate those who love my style of play but to be honest, Ronaldo is a better player considering incredible records he has set and broken in football history”.

” I think it will take decades if not centuries to see a player that will break his records”.

” Fans have tried to use us shine and caused enemity between us but we have shown great maturity to handle all of that”.

” I feel people should respect Ronaldo for all the challenges he brought to football and stop needless comparing”.

” Finally, even if I win world cup, it won’t change the fact that Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time not me, Messi”.

Recall, that Messi and Ronaldo have been two great players in the last fifteen years setting recordings and breaking old records.

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