Christmas Message: Salvation Is Free But Many Will Miss It – Elder Joseph Ocheni

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Elder Joseph Ocheni said Salvation is free but many people will still miss it for the love of the worldly things.

Elder Joseph Ocheni, made this known while delivering Christmas message at Christian Mission In Many Land ( C.M.M.L ), Agada, Ogbabede in Dekina Local Government Area, Kogi State.

Elder Joseph Ocheni who preached on the topic: ” Liberation Of Mankind ” said, the main reason why the celebration of Christmas is that “it marks the glorious birthday of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world”.

He said, Jesus who was blameless and sinless died for the salvation of mankind.

Elder Joseph Ocheni, who preached extensively from the book of Isaiah chapter nine verses one to seven described Jesus as the KING of the world whose government of the world shall be upon his shoulders.

He however noted with dismay that though the salvation which Jesus has brought to the world was/is free but many will still miss it due to love of world things like: Prostitution, theft, blackmailing, adultery, backbiting, fornication, embezzlement, swindling, stealing and such other related sins.

Elder Joseph Ocheni who encouraged the congregation to be resolute to make heaven no matter the temptation also added that, congregation should not allow anyone to mislead them as at the end time, there shall be war; there shall be starvation; there shall be persecution; there shall be hatred; and many people will still be in disbelieve; there shall be false prophets; and not until the gospel was preached all over the world the end will still not come”.

He further charged the congregation to be fervent with their fate as Satan is equally going about looking for more members who will be in his company in hell.

Earlier, there was Christmas special numbers from C.M.M.L Sunday School Pulpil, Junior and Senior Choirs as well as individuals.

Christmas which is Jesus’s birthday is a spiritual celebration that is observed by Christian faithfuls on 25th December every calendar year across the world.

From all of us at ourworldgist, this is wishing all Christian faithfuls a merry Christmas and prosperous new year ahead.

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