Surveyor Isaac Agbañwu Elected As ODA President

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Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu  has been elected as Ogbabede Development Association Chairman in the next four years.

In a general congress election held at the headquarters of Ogbabede, Ajogboni on 27th December 2022, Surveyor Isaac Agbawñ was elected unopposed.

In an acceptance speech, Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu thanked O.D.A’s sons and daughters for considering him worthy to serve.

Also speaking, Obicha of Ogbabede, Retired Captain Omadegbe released his blessing for all the sons and daughters of O.D.A and also called on all his subjects to be a good ambassadors of the Area.

Earlier, the house of representative Aspirant under the platform of Peopples’ Democratic Party ( PDP ) for Dekina / Bassa federal constituency for 2023 general election Comrade Usman Austin Okai, who was present at the occasion has called on the people not to allow anyone take the political power of Ogbabede ward away.

He observed with great dismay that Ogbabede remains the voting strength of Dekina Local Government Area but the ward is sidelined in the scheme of things.

He also called on Obicha to ensure that a socio-cultural group is formed to be voice of the people.

Ogbabede Development Association ( O D A ) is an Association formed to ensure peace, unity and progress of Ogbabede ward.

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