Governors Taking FG To Court Over Old Naira Deadline Is Hilarious By, SMO

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A Public Affairs Analyst, Sani Michael Omakoji ( SMO ), has described the action of some Governors who are threatening to take Federal Government ( FG ) to court over old Naira deadline as hilarious.

SMO, made the observation on Tuesday being 6th February 2023 at Abuja while bearing his opinion on the move by some Governors who have come together to take Federal Government to court over old Naira deadline.

SMO alleged that the move by these Governors was not in the interest of the poor masses but for their collective aggrandisement.

He applauded FG for the monetary policy and charged the authority to sanction those sabotaging the policy.

Sani Michael Omakoji writes:
“It is hilarious to hear that some state Governors have teamed up to take Federal Government ( FG ) to court over old Naira deadline.

This is hypocrisy of the highest order in a country where what happens to common masses is of no concerns to the so-called leaders.

Why the Governors are so agitated over old Naira deadline?

Where were they when Kidnappers were kidnapping ordinary Nigerians like fowls ?

Why didn’t they take FG to court over Bokoharam insurgent who are unleashing terror on Nigerians just to distract Nigerians not to know the illegal exploration of Minerals deposit in Sambisa Forest?

Why they take FG to court when ASUU was on strike for eight months?

Why didn’t they take FG to court when some innocent Nigerians were massacre during EndSARs?

Why didn’t they take FG to court when there have been intermittent increase in fuel prices ?

Why didn’t they take FG to court over hyper inflation and unemployment in the country since 2015?

Why didn’t they take FG to court over the stealing of trillion of Naira by Accountant General of the Federation?

Oh because, this deadline on old Naira would affect their proposed vote buying in February, they are now talking?

Without political inclination or affliction, the deadline on old Naira notes should be sacrosanct while those found sabotaging the process of transition should be sanctioned.

Perhaps, the news emerging that some Bank Managers hoarding new Naira notes and selling it have been sacked are heart warming.

Infact, authority should further use those managers as scapegoats in order to serve as detriment to others.

Cash less policy if properly implemented will help us to reduce corruption, stenthening the value of Naira, and also fight against illegal transactions going on without receipts.

Cash less though not total absence of cash in circulation is of good omen to Nigerian Economy and should be encouraged.

Area of concern FG should urgently act is to go into awareness why every Nigerian must have account and a mobile phone.

In this case, FG can even supply phones to those in rural areas free of charge while areas without Telecommunication networks should be given one or two to aid the policy.

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