Okai – Abocho Home Coming, A Triumphant Entry Of A ‘Victor’ Despite IJN & Isaq Okolo Attacks

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Despite the attack and an attempt to adopt the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), candidate for house of representative – Dekina / Bassa 2023, Hlonourable Usman Austin Okai, his home coming to Abocho on Wednesday being 15th February 2023 can best be described as A Triumphant Entry of A ‘Victor’.

Sani Michael Omakoji who witnessed Usman Austin Okai ‘s ward rally at Abocho on Wednesday gave the attestation while giving an eye witness report.

According to him, from Araba Salifu through Emewe down to Abocho, the venue of the rally, the presence of aged people and Youths along the road in anticipation of Okai’s arrival was a confirmation that this young is not just loved by outsiders but also loved by his own people beyond explaination.

Of particular interest according to Sani Michael Omakoji’s account was an incident at Ajekéya – Abocho where an old woman was seen along the road praying in Igala and pointing out facts why Okai is the best candidate to represent Dekina / Bassa now.

Part of her supplication:
” When one Governor refused to pay Kogi’s workers salaries, okai was the only voice challenging that evil; when some civil servants were sacked during the fruitless screening, Okai was the only voice challenging the accutic in power; when some civil servants were retired compulsory without benefits, Okai was the only voice challenging the emperor; when Kogi money was laundered until recently before EFCC waded in, Okai was the only voice challenging the fraudsters … Notwithstanding, the demons roaring around to adopt this vibrant and fearless young man, nothing shall stop the people from voting him to power in the name of Ojo Chama Chala “.

Other side attraction according to Omakoji were some young men seeb carrying placards with various inscriptions such as: Okai Akpabana ( Okai Thunder ), Okai Ómamaya ( Okai Thunder Lighting ), Okai Ogbaniko ( Okai Tortoise ), Okai Gold, Okai Okakachi, Okai Iduh Énékélé, Okai Éné Unédó ( Okai, the fearless one ) amongst other such names.

Subsequently, Okai arrived the venue of the rally at Abocho amidst cheers and jubilation.


Okai’s message was simple, he said, “I do not take your love and solidarity for granted and I must confessed that the crowd was beyond my expectation”.

” Just like I had represented your interest in the past, I shall do more if given the mandate”.

” The business of law making involved lobbying and negotiation and that I shall do to attract development to our land”.

” Finally, come out and vote for all the PDP’s candidates in the forthcoming elections to form majority government from top to bottom”.

Meanwhile, there was an attack on PDP’s Supporters by some hoodlums led by Emewe Vigilante chairman who confessed to be on an evil errand for Gowon Haruna, IJN ( APC Candidate for Dekina / Bassa ) and the appointed chairman of Dekina Local Government Area, one Isaq Okolo.

As the time of filing this report, over 17 PDP’s supporters were hit by direct bullets from the attackers.

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