Loan Apps: FG Asked To Ban Henloan & Others For Bridging Etiquette & Extorting Money From Nigerians.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has been asked to ban Loan App know as Henloan and others for Bridging Etiquette and extorting money from Nigerians in the name of giving loan to Nigerians.

Cross section of Nigerians who lamented on the mode of operation of Henloan in particular through a renowned Nigerian group, “Nigerian Youth Movement” on Telegram showed their disappointment on how Henloan is bridging etiquette and extorting money from Nigerians.

To Mubarak Usman, he posts, “Henloan is extorting money from Nigerians and they need to be banned immediately.
One of their Marketers called me to come take juicy loan but I never knew it was a trap to extort money from me.
I applied for a loan of ₦10,000 for 30days but they ended giving me N6,200.
When I complained why they shortchanged me, they said my ₦4,800 was for administrative charges.
I said I’m not interested that they take back their loan, they said since it has already entered my wallet account, even though is that very day I collected the loan I want to pay, I must pay the charged amount. What? 😭
The most disheartening thing, after 7 days they started troubling my life to pay back the loan which I paid eleven thousand Naira plus.
You imagine how many million of Nigerians they are doing this to.
They should not just be investigated but banned outrightly with stiff penalties melted on them”.

To Sabo Agulu, he says, ” Henloan are using their loan App to defraud Nigerians and it is time to ban them.
After seven days that I collected ₦6,200 to pay ₦11,250, I delayed for one more day because my customers delayed my own payment also as business man, the next thing, they started sending my picture with my BVN and phone number to all my contacts calling me “fraudster declared wanted “.
This is against etiquette because they have exposed my personal information to third party which ought not to be so.
In Laws that guide against Cyber crime, this is a serious offense and
in view of this act, Federal Government through Consumer Protection Department ( CPD ), should not only ban this App but also make them to pay for all the damages”

To Jones Gyang, he writes, “my experience with Henloan was hell.
Their customer care officers are not just arrogant but they are also insultive.
They called highly profile people including my Pastor in my phone to declare me “Wanted Fraudster’ that ran away with their money ( ₦11,500 ) after I took a loan of ₦6,200 for just two days.
This loan App call Henloan should not just be banned just like that but should also be made to pay for damages to serve as detriment to others in that category”.

To Emeka, he says, ” Well since we are discussing Henloan, let me not digress else my bitter experience is with Palmcredit loan App.
Palmcredit published my picture, BVN, and Phone number online because I was unable to pay the loan on a due day.
I’m a business man and is not everyday goods sell as expected.
This, yeye loan App call Palmcredit failed to understand that.
I think they should be banned immediately.

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To Adekule, he says, “of all the loan Apps in Nigeria, the only one that behave well following etiquette is Fairmoney else all other ones are unprofessional and as such, they should be scrutinized, sanctioned and banned immediately”.

To Jimoh Isaq, he says, “Henloan called me without greeting to tell me that my cousin, Ibrahim is a fraudster who ran away with their money.
After hulling insults upon insults at me and I asked, how much was my cousin owing them, she said ₦11,150 which he was unable to pay on the due day and instead of being patient with him, they rather began to call all his contacts to tag him wanted criminal.
This is not correct and they should be sanctioned immediately”…

Henloan is one of those numerous loan Apps FG recently granted approval to operate within the ambit of law but the testimonies about them after few weeks of operations thus far are not delicious and is definitely going to land them in serious trouble.

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