NSUK Students Express Concern Over Lingering Curfew Despite Ongoing Examination

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Cross section of Nasarawa State University Keffi, (Nsuk), students who spoke with ourworldgist have expressed concern over the ongoing Curfew by the state government saying the development has negative impact on students performance most especially as this ugly trend rears its head as at the time that 300 and 400 levels students of the institution are writing their examinations.

Speaking on Wednesday being 14th June, 2023, some Nsuk students said, 8pm to 6am curfew introduced by the State government following the assisanation of an indigne over a week ago which coincidentally happened during their examinations has prevented them from going to the institution ‘s campus at night to do their normal tutorials and group readings at night.

To one Sadat M, she says, ” this examination has become the hardest examination for me and many others so far as there is no opportunity for me and many others to meet as usually we usually do at night to share knowledge and brainstorm together”.

To Abbas K, he says, ” this curfew will result to worst performance for students no doubt.

” I ‘m of the opinion that the curfew should be lifted immediately whilst the state government intensifies effort to fortify security architecture in the state”.

To Dogara M, he says, ” I think the state government is insensitive to the need of the students else, why should it introduce curfew at this time that students are writing examination?”.

To Bawa R, she says, “I think government has finally reduced this school, Nsuk to a glorified secondary School else, why should government allow this curfew to this period that students are writing examination? “.

To one Prosper J, ” I don’t blame the school management or the government for the lingering curfew but I blame student government body who has remained mute over the ugly development”.

Is like those children there do not know what is expected of them as student representative apart from collecting dues.

It is only in Nsuk anything happens and no one seems to be concerned “.

” One day they would be shock of what will happen with nonchalant and I don’t care style of leadership both at Nsuk and the state as a whole”.

To Julian G, ” Government should urgently reverse this trend before this situation gets out of hand as our silence not to resort to demonstrating thus far means alot”.

Other students who also bore their minds said, the state government should not take the simplicity of the students for granted as they can be green snakes under a green grass any time should the development persists.

Recall that an indigne of Keffi, was some weeks ago killed by unkown gun men that led the State government to declare curfew in the town and unfortunately, this ugly development happens as at the time the students especially those in 300 and 400 levels of Nsuk are writing examination.

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