Serving Deligently In The Feild Of Endeavour Cancels Shame & Reproach – Says Pastor Mathew

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Pastor Mathew James Eleojo of Solemn Faith International Church, Port-harcourt has said identifying feild of endeavour and serving deligently cancels shame and reproach.

Pastor Mathew James Eleojo, gave the admonition at the church service held on Sunday being 2nd July 2023 while preaching on the topic: “The Increase of the Feild”.

Pastor Mathew James Eleojo, said some people in the society today become subjects of mockery because they have no feild of endeavour to be identified with.

He said to enjoy the increase of the field, one needs to have feild of endeavour or have something to do saying that, God makes convenant to bless the works of our hands adding that God will bless or increase the work of our hands if we have nothing to do.

Pastor Mathew, added, those who have feild of endeavour and are committed command fame and respect.

Pastor Mathew James Eleojo, who preached extensively from the books of Psalm 115: 13- 14, Deuteronomy 32:13, Exodus 23: 30 and several other Bible references said benefits of increase of the Feild includes: It keeps Devil far off because of the presence of HIS grace, It makes one stronger than his or her enemies, and It also shows that one is of God, because God himself is a God of increase.

He however said, to provoke the release of the increase of the Feild, one must be born again and also engages in an unusual praise.

Solemn Faith International Church is located at No 21 plot 14 FH Estate, Woji Port-harcourt.

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