Pastor Thomas Leads Congregation In Prayer For Bloodless Free Election In Kogi

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In a fervent display of faith and unity, Pastor Thomas Elijah, the Resident Pastor of one of the largest churches in the world, ( Living Faith aka Winners Chapel ) led his congregation in prayers for a peaceful and bloodless gubernatorial election in Kogi State scheduled for November 11, 2023.

The remarkable intervention took place during an intra-tribal Thanksgiving event on October 29, 2023, at the Living Faith Church in Anagada, Gwagwalada area council of Abuja.

The event brought together people from various tribes in Kogi, including Igalas, Ebiras, and Bassas, who reside in Kogi State.

Pastor Thomas Elijah, in his address, expressed his deep concern that Kogi is supposed to be the richest state in Nigeria but remains poor due poor leadership in the past emphasizing the need for a change in leadership to transform the fortunes of the state.

He passionately prayed for God to raise a leader capable of bringing prosperity to the region.

Pastor Thomas’s sermon focused on “Having Access to Light,” drawing inspiration from the Bible, particularly Psalms 107:13-14, Psalms 40:2, and Jude 2:3.

He stressed the importance of Christians carrying God’s light and living by its principles to achieve rulership in the world.

To gain access to God’s light, Pastor Thomas emphasized the significance of being born again, fearing God, seeking revelation through prayer, engaging with the Holy Spirit, and staying connected with spiritual leaders, including prophets.

The event featured special musical performances by the Living Faith Choir, as well as traditional songs and dances by members of the Igalas, Bassas, and Ebiras communities, marking the intra-tribal Thanksgiving.

The Living Faith Church in Anagada, pastored by Pastor Thomas Elijah, is located near Anagada’s Mini Market, adjacent to the Redeemed Church in Anagada.

As the Kogi gubernatorial election draws nearer, the power of faith and unity in the community continues to be a driving force, with Pastor Thomas Elijah leading the way in seeking divine guidance for a peaceful and bloodless election.

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