Pastor Mathew Concludes “Understanding Kingdom Prosperity” Series on His Birthday Celebration

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In a momentous celebration of his birthday, Pastor Matthew James Eleojo  of Solemn Faith International Church, located at No. 21 Federal Housing Estate Woji, Port Harcourt, has concluded a captivating series titled “Understanding Kingdom Prosperity Part 4.”

The pastor shed light on the profound connection between offering, thanksgiving, and the pursuit of prosperity within the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Mathew James Eleojo emphasized the significance of free will offerings and worship, drawing from biblical references in Exodus 35:3 and Ezra 3:5.

He conveyed that Christians offer with the intention of worshiping Yahweh, attributing glory and honor to the Almighty, and aligning their hearts with God.

During his insightful sermon, Pastor Eleojo expounded on the manifold benefits of giving offerings.

He stressed that offerings command the release of God’s presence and His blessings, eradicate emptiness, and usher in abundance.

Citing Genesis 8:20-21, he highlighted that offerings have the power to reverse evil curses.

The pastor also elucidated on obstacles to effective offering, which include sin and unforgiveness, as per Matthew 5:24.

He cautioned against giving God leftovers, referencing Luke 21:4.

In addition to offerings, Pastor Eleojo emphasized the significance of Thanksgiving.

He explained that Thanksgiving connects believers to the voice of divine direction, referencing Isaiah 45:3, John 6:6, and Psalms 29:3-5.

Notable Quotes from Pastor Mathew James Eleojo:

“Your eating determines your praise.” – Psalm 63:5, Deuteronomy 33:23
“You have no right to complain to God for your suffering when you have not given an offering to God.”
“You don’t give God what you want but what He loves.”
“Direction leads to provision, and provisions lead to prosperity.”
“A vision without direction equals confusion and frustration.”

The service featured a special Thanksgiving by the congregation to commemorate Pastor Mathew James Eleojo’s birthday.

On the preceding Saturday morning, November 28, 2023, the women’s wing of the church, led by Pastor’s wife, Mrs. Hope Mathew, presented a surprise birthday package at their residence in Woji.

The presentation left the celebrant deeply moved, offering prayers for all who celebrated with him.

As part of the birthday festivities, numerous airtime giveaways were extended, particularly on social media via Agada’s official Facebook page.

This gesture was hailed by many as unprecedented and heartwarming.

In the spirit of celebration, the entire management staff of OurWorldGist  extends warm wishes to Pastor Mathew James Eleojo, hoping for many more birthdays to come.

Meanwhile, this enlightening celebration marked the convergence of faith, generosity, and wisdom, echoing the values upheld by Pastor Mathew James Eleojo and Solemn Faith International Church.

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