The Treasure Base Of A Man Is In The Earth – Pst Hope Mathew

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In a compelling sermon delivered at the Solemn Faith International Church No 21 Federal Housing Estate Woji Port Harcourt, today, being 19th November 2023,Pastor Mrs Hope Mathew James Eleojo captivated the congregation with a powerful message titled “Oh Earth, Vomit My Riches.”

The esteemed woman of God, who is the wife of General overseer of Solemn Faith International Church, Pastor Mathew James Eleojo, emphasized a profound spiritual connection between humanity and the Earth, declaring that “the treasure base of a man is in the earth.”

She revealed that the earth which holds man’s blessing has many unique characteristics.

Drawing from biblical references (Math 12:40, Gene. 4:11, Numb. 26:10), Pastor Hope highlighted the Earth’s ability to either harbor or withhold riches.

Quoting scriptures further, (Jere 22:30, Number 16:30, Rev. 12:16), She emphasized the Earth’s potential to be either for or against individuals.

Referring to scriptures (Josh. 7:21, Job 5:5, Psa 2:8 Gene 1:10-12,26), Pastor Hope Mathew, revealed the existence of spiritual robbers concealing wealth within the Earth.

She explained further that to enjoy earth ‘s blessing, one must engage the Power of the Blood of Jesus (Heb.12:24).

She also added that one must engage in prophetic Utterances through declaring and speaking to the earth emphasizing that the earth has ears and mouth as human (Heb.12:25).

Pastor Mrs Hope Mathew gave notable quotes: “If the Earth must be in your favor, you must speak to the Earth.” “The Earth is full of God’s riches.”
“The treasure base of a man is in the Earth” (Gene.3:17, 4:11, Exo. 10:8).

During the service, fervent prayers were offered, including:

Commanding robbers to vomit riches (Job 5:5).
Urging the Earth to release riches (Job 20:15, Jere 22:29-30).
Requesting the Earth to reject adversarial offerings (Gene 8:10-25).

Pastor Mrs Hope Mathew concluded with a powerful remark, predicting a divine shaking from Heaven, sea, and Earth in the coming week, anticipating testimonies for the congregants.

This insightful sermon left the attendees contemplating the profound connection between their destinies and the Earth, as they eagerly await the promised divine intervention

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