Happening Now: Kogi State Police Commissioner, Bethrand Onuoha’s Men On Their Way To Kogi East To Frame SDP DG For Possible Arrest

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As predicted, Kogi State Police Commissioner Mr Bethrand Onuoha    who is under investigation over his role in the killing of policemen and civilians last month has set out on another bloody mission to Kogi East, to again invade the country home of the Director General of the SDP Governorship Campaign Council, Sheik Ibrahim.

In a Press statement on Monday being 18th December 2023 by Faruk Adejoh-Audu
Social Democratic Party (SDP) Governorship Campaign Council, Kogi State, he said, “this campaign had on Sunday raised alarm that Mr Onuoha at the behest of the outlaw Governor of Kogi State, Mr Yahaya Bello was plotting to dump arms and ammunition at the DG’s residence to frame him for gun running”

“But ever determined to execute the illegal desires of Mr Bello, Unuoha remains undeterred notwithstanding the yoke of investigation that now hangs on his neck over the massacre he spearheaded at the same residence last month on November 7, 2023 while purportedly looking for arms and thugs.

He added, “once again we reiterate that the SDP has no record or antecedents of violence despite several desperate attempts by Mr Unuoha and his fellow security chiefs to bait our members into violence by deliberately deploying thugs to attack them.

Now, their new tactics are to outrightly frame members of the hierarchy of our campaign with sundry offences of violence to justify arresting or murdering them in cold blood like they did on November 7.

We have repeatedly cried out against the manipulation of State Security agencies by Mr Bello to seige on our rights and liberty including the menacing threat to our lives and the Federal Government appears to be uninterested in protecting us.

It is curious that security chiefs under whose noses the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner was nearly assasinated at his residence; The Tribunal Secretary was attacked by gunmen men and thousands of thugs seiged on INEC to frustrate the execution of a court order- only last week and did absolutely nothing, are traveling over 100 kilometres in search of arms that do not exist?

We are again crying out against this overt criminal plot to frame members of our party to justify unleashing violence on them. This plot is already unfolding at press time.

Going by our previous experiences, the federal government will not rein in these rogue security chiefs in Kogi until perhaps they succeed in executing another massacre of our people.

But we shalll like to state for the record that there are no arms or ammunition in our DGs residence. If there were arms there, Unuoha’s killer squad of November 7 would have found such arms if they ever existed”

He explained further that, ” this time, they are going on the mission with arms, including the ones used by APC thugs to kill their rivals.

These comprised arms will be dumped at sections of the residence in a diabolic bid to link the SDP with the murders carried out by known APC thugs in public glare in October.

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For whatever it is worth, we are once again drawing the attention of the federal government to the unceasing hounding of members and leaders of the APC in Kogi State even when there’s no evidence or record anywhere that any of our leaders, members or supporters have ever been implicated in violence or any breach of law.

Mr Onuoha and his colleagues who have brazenly abandoned their constitutional duties to become Bello’s enforcers are desperate to manufacture evidence of crime against our leaders to use as excuse to hound the party to discourage us from pursuing justice in the electoral heist they orchestrated in Kogi State”.

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