Pastor Mathew Unveils “The Power Of Appreciation”

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In a transformative church service held at Solemn Faith International Church in Port Harcourt, Pastor Mathew James Eleojo delivered a powerful message centered on the “Power of Appreciation.”

Citing biblical references, he emphasized the significance of gratitude in both spiritual and daily life.

The congregation, gathered at No. 21 Federal Housing Estate, Woji, was captivated by Pastor Eleojo’s revelations during the service.

He defined appreciation as the demonstration of value for both gifts and individuals.

Pastor Eleojo underscored the transformative power of appreciation, connecting it to wholeness and completeness in life, referencing verses like Luke 17:18-19, Colossians 2:10, and Colossians 4:12.

He asserted that appreciation guarantees access to balance in God, victory over battles, multiplication, and revelation.

During the service, the pastor highlighted enemies of appreciation, including entitlement mentality, belittling the act of God, forgetfulness, and the problems of pride and procrastination.

Pastor Eleojo emphasized that God values appreciation as much as life itself, drawing parallels between being short of appreciation and being short of breath and value.

He shared quotes such as “To be complete in God is to be increased in every sphere of life” and “Appreciation is an application for more.”

The service, which was a Testimonies Service, celebrated God’s deeds throughout the year.

Pastor Eleojo concluded by asserting that through their appreciation, God will continually do more, even before they ask, underscoring the importance of testifying to God’s deeds.

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