A Distinct Man In The Crowd Does Need An Introduction – Says Pastor Mathew

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In a compelling sermon today, Pastor Mathew James Eleojo said, a distinct individual in the crowd does not need an introduction.

Pastor unveiled this revelation while delivering the transformative concept of the “Overtakers Anointing” at Solemn Faith International Church, situated at No 21 Federal Housing Estate Woji, Port Harcourt.

During the service, Pastor Eleojo delved into the essence of the Overtakers Anointing, defined as the ability to rise above equals and draw inspiration from biblical references (Psa. 45:7, HEB. 1:9, Deut. 26:19, 28:13, Eph. 1:21, John 3:31).

This anointing empowers individuals to lead their peers, achieve greatness, and experience unexpected elevation, ultimately emerging as record-breakers who excel beyond expectations.

The access to Overtakers Anointing, as highlighted by Pastor Eleojo, involves genuine impartation. Drawing parallels from biblical examples such as Elisha from Elijah, Joshua from Moses, and the disciples from Jesus and the apostles.

He emphasized the significance of this impartation for the manifestation of virtues, differentiation, and the transfer of honor, wisdom, and grace.

It also serves as the key to activating God’s gifts within individuals.

Pastor Eleojo outlined essential keys to the flow of impartation, including singleness and openness of heart, addition to followership, and diligence in prayer.

Throughout the sermon, he delivered impactful quotes such as, “Overtakers anointing is available, obtainable yet not for everybody,” stressing the need for extra force (Anointing) to overtake those who would hinder progress. He also highlighted, “Impartation is the key to manifestation,” emphasizing the importance of evidence over explanations in one’s journey towards personal and spiritual growth.

In conclusion, Pastor Eleojo underscored the importance of standing out, obtaining the overtakers anointing, and the transformative power of impartation in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth.

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