Pastor Mathew Advances His Teaching On “Overtakers Anointing” Pt4

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In a dynamic sermon at the Solemn Faith International Church Federal Housing Estate Woji Port Harcourt, Pastor Mathew Ele-Ojo James captivated the congregation with his insights on the Overtakers Anointing, part four drawing from biblical references in 1 Kings 18:46 and Hebrews 1:9.

Revealing the essence of the Overtakers Anointing, Pastor James explained it as the “anointing of gladness and excitement” based on Psalm 45:7 and Hebrews 1:9. He emphasized that this anointing works faster when there is a specific target, citing examples such as Elijah against Jezebel and Jehu within his household.

The pastor outlined the benefits of the oil of gladness, asserting that it guarantees supernatural lifting, serves as a healing balm, ensures all-round fruitfulness, and guarantees the release of answers to prayers.

To activate the oil of gladness, Pastor James advised avoiding a sinful life, being wary of traditions that may hinder spiritual growth, cultivating a good heart, and adhering to various instructions, including tithes, offerings, first fruits, and seeds.

Throughout the service, special prayers were offered for a 21-day period, accompanied by celebrations and declarations for the members. Pastor James left the congregation with a poignant quote, stating, “Overtakers Anointing is not for nothing but for something crucial, beneficial, and generational.”

In his closing remarks, he emphasized that it takes the oil of gladness to go far in life and to be seen as a light everywhere, echoing the message that this anointing is essential to escape battles, eliminate evil, and fulfill one’s purpose in life.

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