Praise Is Not A Gift But A Choice – Says Pastor Mathew

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In a Sunday Service sermon delivered by Pastor Matthew Eleojo James of Solemn Faith International Church, yesterday, has told the congregants that Praise is not a gift but a choice.

Drawing from biblical passages such as Acts 16:25-26 and Mark 10:27, Pastor James emphasized the choice individuals have in praising God and its consequential blessings, as outlined in Psalm 67:5-7.

“Praise is not a gift but a choice,” stated Pastor James, quoting Psalm 119:164.

He emphasized that regardless of one’s circumstances, maintaining an attitude of praise can lead to divine intervention, citing 2 Chronicles 20:21-25.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor James expounded on the potency of praise, highlighting its ability to provoke the release of God’s presence and power (Psalm 114:1-8, 2 Chronicles 5:1-14), guarantee divine directions (Genesis 46:28, 2 Kings 3:11-16, Acts 13:2), ensure the opening of new doors (Acts 16:25-26, Revelation 3:8, Isaiah 45:1-3), and secure notable favor (Psalm 30:5, 102:13-16, Daniel 1:9, Luke 2:52, Exodus 12:36).

Furthermore, Pastor James elucidated on the prerequisites for engaging in effective praise.

He stressed the importance of maintaining a right standing with God (Ezekiel 26:13, Genesis 38:1-9, 1 Samuel 7:2-3, 2 Samuel 6:11) and investing time in praise (Psalm 119:164).

“Praise that brings His presence costs you time,” he remarked, encouraging believers to prioritize spending time in praise to expedite divine blessings.

In conclusion, Pastor James conveyed his wishes for a prosperous week ahead, invoking blessings in the name of Jesus.

As congregants left the service, they were filled with renewed faith and determination to embrace the power of praise in their daily lives.

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